New Concept H60 Eyevision healthy Headlamp

Sunlike bulb, is a new generation of natural light source, from the luminous technology to reduce blue light, effectively reduce the damage to the eyes of blue light because Zero Blue Ray Damage (RG0) to the Eyes. It is the best choice for your eyevision health.

  • Utilizes the new SunLike TRI-R technology for high CRI (>97) and TLCL ratings with spectral distribution
  • High CRI with zero blue ray damage (RG0)
  • Reduce eye fatigue and improve overall visual comfort
  • Can be used as a mini flashlight
  • Powered by 1 x 18650 battery
  • Best choice for kids’eyevision health

More Info:

Not just child vidion protection but for everyone constantly using it...

What’s the UI on this one? I hope it’s not just On-Off...

Good to see very high CRI stuff from Acebeam.

Though not sure, if I can afford this at the moment.

This is interesting, I appreciate that Acebeam continues to put out products with high CRI LEDs, especially here with ultra high CRI.

Aside from this, I want to comment about the word ”utilize” that you and many other Chinese manufacturers put on their product descriptions, even though it’s incorrect : ”Utilize” and ”use” don’t have exactly the same meaning, you utilize something when you use an object/tool/etc… not in the way it was intended to be used. I’ll just copy past something from a website which will explains it better than me:

You’re using LEDs in flashlight to produce light since it’s their intended purpose, you would be utilizing a flashlight to lights things on fire, since it’s not made for this.

I’m French by the way and that’s something we learn early in English classes because like the quote says, ”utilize” comes from the French word ”utiliser”, but has changed meaning, becoming what we call a ”faux amis” (fake friend), there are several faux amis like that that we have to be careful of.

….healthy headlamp” :smiley: …“zero blue ray damage *(RG0*)” Yes, yes, 5000K and especially 6500K have no blue rays. :smiley:
Why is so difficult to produce a 4000K- 3000K lights ?!

I haven’t heard about this RG0 thing, but the Seoul Semi Sunlike TRI-R is sunlike :

Compare with E21A 5000K and its blue spike :

And while personally I would prefer something warmer like 4000K, 5000K is quite OK I think.

One thing is for sure, I prefer blu-rays over blue rays. :-))

the Freeman - I second your thoughts on this. I have colleagues that use this word incorrectly all the time and for me its…irritating. I can’t bear their utilisation of the word utilise.

Ps. If you are not British please swap the ‘s’ with a ‘z’.

Re Acebeam’s high CRI offer above, looks good and interested to see beamshots.

Very interesting looking light. Hope it has multiple output levels, which doesn’t seemed to to be mentioned anywhere (only the emitter combination modes).

Take a look at the video in this thread, by M4DM4X: new Review online: Acebeams X10 and H60 (soon to be released) :+1:

Thanks. 4 brightness levels in each combination mode.

Thx MascaratumB.

This headlamp just became more interesting.

Yup! And the ability to start on the lowest, which I like!

Indeed! I’ve seen the video before but paid more attention to the flashlight than the headlamp. But now…it raises some interest :+1:

I hope there’s no glue. If I were in the market for a new headlamp, this would probably fit the bill, but I would want to reflow some 3000K/3200K Sunlike chips. Hopefully Sunlike emitters would be easier to work with then E21A’s. Also, I would be curious if there was any PWM or flicker, especially for a light being sold as eye safe.

I think you should be aware that the above may be considered health claims by the US Food and Drug Administration. I recommend being careful to advertise the benefits in the same way the LED manufacturer does to avoid conflict with US and European laws intended to ensure health claims in advertising are accurate.

Here is some information on this from the US:

Do Not Eat the Flashlight

Impossible for a white light to not have any blue wavelength. We need to see an actual wavelength spectrum.

For manufacturing principle of the common LEDs, Blue ray+Phosphor powder+White Ray

Sunlike bulb, is a new generation of natural light source which made of Purple ray+Phosphor powder+White Ray, from the luminous technology to reduce blue light, effectively reduce the damage to the eyes of blue light.

Thanks for your reminding us ! We will take your advice.

…and Osram 6500K?

High CRI>97 with zero blue ray damage (RG0)

USB-C Rechargeable Function