NEW: Foursevens Preon Penlight

They look just like pens! No one will ever suspect. :face_with_monocle:

after the long hiatus (rebranding) this is the best they could come up with

i’m still waiting for their Higgs-Boson :bigsmile:

Because neon lime never looks cheap on anything. :expressionless:

I’ve bought a few of their products over the last couple of years, and have always been impressed. The Preon 2s have been excellent and I’ll never part with them - but I have to admit, these new ones sure don’t look like $50 lights. They look like they ought to be $4.99 in a blister pack at Walmart.

I agree. And while it’s sort of ok to make a torch look like a pen, I personally like my torches to, well, look like torches…

I think they’re sort of meant to, for “discreet flashlight carry”. :bigsmile: There’s probably a proper acronym for it. >.<

I do love my Preon P0 though. These, I’ll give a miss.

I’ve been looking for something with enough punch to be impressive but with safe chemistry to give my mom, this is ideal…and her favorite color is orange! Who’d think a pen light could make that much power, and with useable modes and memory as well…perfect!

Thanks for the heads up Ouchyfoot!

I wonder if you need a concealed carry permit for them

Edit: I knew I saw these before:

The colors look better in reality IMO.

$60 for a cheap looking penlight? No thanks!

If you check out youtube for SHOT SHOW 2013 video of theirs they are working on a few new items. One of them is something similar to the Nitecore EA4.

Wait for the Quark that OVERATE… hee…

They look way nicer in that video than they do in the OP pics. Really classy and quality looking IMO. I do agree that $50-$60 is way too much for them. Between $30 & $40 would be far better.

In the video they say that all three modes are current-regulated, so there will be no PWM flicker. That and a high build quality may be a valid reason to charge a little bit more money, but I agree $50 for a penlight is a bit much.

…for the inevitable “close-out sale.” :wink:

foursevens has been overcharging for their lights ever since they went from 4sevens to four sevens

even before that they wanted $70 for a quark aa2… ludicrous

I like the concept. Nice, clean, slim, and importantly discreet appearance
A little out of my price range, though. I’d bite at $40. :money_mouth_face:

I was going to purchase a couple of them until I saw the price. Needless to say, I’ll stick with my vintage pen lights instead.

A cheaper alternative?

definitely has PWM, and I know the clip from my Hypetac, it's not very sturdy.

I got the flyer last night…
“Hey, these look pretty cool”
Look at price tag…
“Forget it!”