New guy but already becoming a flashlightaholic

Howdy everyone I’ve been reading all the posts here for a few days and it has inspired me to get busy on some modding
I’m 29 and Retired from the Navy. That being said at my age and already retired I’m bored 90% of the time. I’m very involved in gunsmithing and will be going back to college next year to pursue more knowledge especially machining

So far I have only done minor mods such as replacing LEDs with more powerful ones
And dedoming

Well that brings me to my new project
I took an UF SK 98 clone and cut up a pt54 red and installed it with a 3A driver

For now only indoor beam shots it foggy rain tonight
These we takin at about 15 ft away
There’s no white walls in my house so y’all get ceiling shots

Even at 3A this sucker is insane

It's nice to meet you, Cowboysnavy!

Please post pics at reduced size.

Other than that, heck yeah! That looks very cool. I can’t recall seeing red beam shots before.

Get out while you can…….

Thank you for doing that please tell me what size the pics need to be and I will make sure to post them better next time

Try 400x300 px. Btw, welcome :slight_smile:

This thread will let you know how to resize images:

How big should you make them? Everyone has a different opinion.

My rule of thumb: If an image is over 800 pixels wide, I would change it to 75%-100% wide.

Welcome to BLF :slight_smile: