NEW HAIKELITE XHP50.2 WITH 7x Xhp50.2 23000 lumens

Who can give me more information about this new HAIKELITE product which on BG is simply described as XHP50.2, should have 7 XHP50.2 LEDs and about 23000 lumens ... thanks to all

I’m interested as well. It is not described as XHP50.2 but as XPH50.2. Can’t find anything on it. It’s only slightly larger then the HK04, doesn’t have Anduril UI, and 6500k only. I like the size of lights using 3 18650 batteries. I hope the lumen claims are more accurate then the MT09R and MT03 claims.

Thanks for the clarification, I also like the lights with 3 18650 batteries in fact I love my Manker MK37 sbt90.2 very much and also my Haikelite HK04 xhp50.2 and sst40

Here’s the link:

I don’t see 3 18650 cells managing to hit 23,000 lm OTF for more than 10 seconds of at all. That’s 7700 lm per cell. Hank says the DT8 can do 6700 lm from 1 cell at start up.

Works out at 3300 lm per LED, which is feasible.

Definitely looks interesting!

I checked the Haikelite Store HERE with no luck.
However you guys helped me find a MT09 driver i’ve been looking for, HERE :+1:

stay off that brand, not really high quality lights and they offer bad warranty support.

Could you elaborate?

I believe that maybe you will have been unlucky because I have about 20 Haikelite flashlights and never any problems, by the way I have the whole range from the smallest to the HK90, the only problem I had with an MT40 or a spring that was slightly shorter than normal, I solved it with a message on the Haikelite Store in AliExpress and they sent me a replacement kit complete with the driver that I had not asked for so I have to deny these statements on my part.

It seems a bit exaggerated to me too but if with 4x 18650 the Acebeam X80GT manages to hold 32500 maybe this one can do it too.

Good point. Though the Acebeam uses 18 XHP50.2 LEDs, so each one is only driven to 1800 lm. The XHP50.2 is around 150 lm/W at that brightness according to XHP50.2 J4 4000k output test by Texas_Ace - Really impressive improvement from the last gen

This Haikelite would need to get 3300 lm per LED. At that brightness the LED is around 120 lm/W. That means it would need 25% more Watts to get the same brightness.

not really, i just know i heard some really bad stories over the years here, maybe they improved but i still have a sour taste in my mouth when i hear their name, good thing there are other lightmakers out there to consider.

Yea, I'd agree - 23K is a stretch for 7 XHP50.2's on 3 18650cells. 3K/LED maybe. 30T's may have a shot, with spring bypasses, beefy wires, etc. You also have heat in a small head, and probably one, not so robust, MCPCB. I'm sure it's copper but not 3+ mm thick. Shame because probably for not that much more $$$, you could boost these things and get high turn on output - yea, not too long though...

I got a bunch of HL's, some in dupes like the MT03 - most are built like tanks, about as heavy as one too. Quality has been good/exc for me, and they are mostly easy to mod as well.

I agree with Tom E :wink: Haikelites are made to take the heat better than most lights and make good modding upgrades. But I’m sure there have been some problems as you will see with any other company.
No problems here, except all the exaggerated performance advertised by every light company. They think the general public believes all that BS, and guessing the uneducated fall for it often.

All of my Haikelites have been perfect and much better built than Astrolux’s. No complaints at all. Never needed to reach out to their company directly.