New here :)

Joined a few days ago I am interested in all kinds of stuff like Flashlights, Geiger counters,etc. I have A small collection of flashlights.

A couple of Noctigon M43s (how I found this place and my favorite light) a Fenix TK-47, LD75c,TK-75(the first 2600lumen gen using it for years) 2 Streamlight Survivors (the current Gen yellow one and a orange one) and 2 Streamlight (The Siege lanterns, great BTW)

A couple of the Infinity Ultras (they are quite old, single AA light)
A old Pentagon MOLLE light (single AA)

Some odd stuff I have, A couple of SCBA (new) and EBAs, Complete Radiological equipment collection (Bought on the cheap over the years, stuff from Ludlums,FLIR,Thermo Scientific,Eberline,etc…)

Wife thinks I have a crazy Man Cave :slight_smile:

Anyhow looking forward to getting to know you guys. Thx.

Welcome to BLF! Time to start showing some pictures of your collection :wink:

Welcome Elsapo , if you are who you said you are , you are going to enjoy here .., everyone who has a Man Cave is a normal person , just for the record...

Thanks :slight_smile: Whats a good place to put pictures up so I can share them etc in a post?

Hi and welcome Elsapo. You can find the relevant place here to post different topics.

Welcome to BLF Elsapo2001! You have some nice flashlights. A couple of Noctigon M43s? Wow. I sure do like mine.

Thanks for stopping by, Elsapo2001!

Welcome to BLF!