New(ish) members and FLAMING

Please read this carefully and consider before posting.

I’ve noticed lately with the influx of members a change with the dynamics of this forum. I’m sure i’m not the only one who’s noticed. Despite what the title of this thread says I am not trying to single out, marginalize or make sects. I want this to be somewhat of an enlightenment to unaware members and serve as a reminder to older members.

BLF has a unique operating proceedure

Being that it is kind of partially ‘self moderating’. The idea is to give each individual some responsibility to act appropriately. Basically to empower all members to think before they type. What I mean by ‘self moderating’ is not giving others your opinion of what you think is appropriate but moderate ones self before posting. This might be something of a new concept for some members but the longer term members are aware of this and lately are riding that fine line of goading/arguing/antagonising someone without blatant disrespect for the rules (myself included). For those that need a reminder Rule #1
“Please don’t be rude”
There will always be ‘someone’, and people have good days and bad, I get that. It’s just how the rest of us deal with it in our response (if any). An offending post does not have to be made by a troll
to be ignored. If it’s offensive and gets your hackles up, ignoring them can be your way of payback.

I’m not saying you cannot have a disagreement with someone, disagreements are perfectly fine as long as it’s a mature conversation. Just stay calm and on point. If it goes on for too long or gets too heated then it takes someone with great self control to drop the subject but that member would be respected for doing so.

Given this post came from a non moderator it highlights the point of self moderation. I do also realize the contradiction to one of my suggestions above but I’m sure sb56637 would be glad to see that we are trying to make an effort to keep his wonderful forum just that - wonderful.

BTW have a nice day :slight_smile:

People in general prefer to find a way to complain about a problem vs having patience in dealing with it directly.

BTW it’s “hackles”, “heckles” is what a rowdy drunk person does at a stand-up comedy night. :smiley:

It’s like having new puppies running around peeing, crapping & chewing stuff up, you just need to beat them into submission house train them in the ways of the owners rules :smiley:

We will have to start sending people to CRX boot camp where if you misbehave you have to use needle files and sandpaper all day

Hall monitors, trolls, dog trainers…I’m not sure which is worse. Definitely if you view any disagreement in the context of “how is he trolling me, I need to ignore him lest I am made to look stupid for being wrong, or God forbid have my mind changed,” then you probably have bigger fish to fry than figuring out how to ignore someone on the internet, i.e., fish which should be fried with the services of a professional talk therapist. Actual trolls can be quite funny. There’s a thread up right now where I missed one of the OP’s posts where he said something particularly crazy in the most nonchalant, unsuspecting way. I totally got trolled into taking him seriously and have mud on my face for it, but it’s all in good fun. I don’t hold it against him for trying to get a rise out of people and I’m not going to edit my post either. It’s like when your nephew says he just got back from the doctor and apparently he has a case of updog. You say, what’s updog and he replies not much, how about you, dawg? Imagine knowing what’s coming and giving the kid the cold shoulder instead of letting him have his little bit of fun.

Doh, I think I’ve been mashing those two terms for a while now :person_facepalming: Edited.

That’s a funny analogy CRX :laughing: Kinda like Kindergarten Cop. The kids push all the right buttons to bring about chaos

We once had a “Three ‘rudes’ and you’re out!” thing here.

It worked so well that I didn’t even realize it had disappeared until just now. If things start getting inappropriate, maybe we could have that reinstated.

Things are not getting inappropriate per se , just the forum is quite sizeable for our one and only Admin/moderator. He prides this forum on not having over bearing moderation controls. To do that we all need to be on board and part of it.

I think that you should be specific in your allegations, so we know who to burn at the stake.

Otherwise, you’re just a Bolshevik Communist killing everybody you don’t agree with.

General aspersions don’t do us any favors, IMO, obviously.


That’s pretty funny except the assumption that I want everyone to agree with me.

FTFY :laughing:

Behave, or Mistress Helga will swat you into submission.

That’s a weird CPF reference.

^ hm, there is nothing in that picture that reminds me of submission or CPF.

Thanks for writing this down pinkpanda. Was noticing a change also and did not like it.

I do have an example if needed. The D4 muggle mode problem.

I understand that it is a serious problem that needs to be addressed, but the overdone naming and shaming is just not appropriate.

Well respected members like Toykeeper and Hank get all kinds of reactions, while they are more than available for support en sorting things out in the best way.

We wouldn’t have these great light without these people.

Be careful what you post. This place might be turning into ‘Greta.’


SB will never have anything to do with that type of staunch Naziism.

Speaking of Greta… here’s a blast from the past:

Keep telling yourself that.

You’ll sleep better.

And you’re using “Nazisim” wrong.

Just sayin’.


Not classy at all mate. You want to boycott Klarus for their tasteless advertisement, and yet you say things that are equally as tasteless.