[NEW: King & TR-J12 MOD] Beamshot Comparison - SkyRay 1JC8, SkyRay STL-V2, Trustfire TR-J12, King

Hi guys,

My first post here, but I was watching your forum for a long time. :bigsmile:

I recently ordered new torches after a friend of mine lost my C8(great little light). I got myself a Fandyfire STL-V6, a Trustfire TR-J12, and a Fandyfire UV-S5(SkyRay King replica - waiting for it to arrive).

I already had a SkyRay 1JC8 before, and a zoomable cheapo ebay “400 Lumen” light that I’m quite impressed with actually.

So, last night I was in the mood for some beamshots and compared the three in the title. I am deeply impressed by the 1JC8, it throws LIKE HELL for 230lumens and $15, but of course the STL-V2 is a monster compared to it.

Here’s the GIF:

After the King arrives, I will make a comparison including the zoomable one. I’m also waiting for a replacement 60W driver for the TR-J12 so it will spill out 4000 lumens(compared to ~2350 now).

Hope these will help people make some decisions when it comes to picking between a flooder and a thrower.

That’s great work Boggy. I hope your neighbours had their curtains shut while you were doing this !

Thanks for that. Is that an unmodified TR-J12 ?

BTW: Welcome to BLF from a newbie !

Thanks! I hope they were deep asleep, I waited till 1AM to take the shots so I won’t get my car smashed in revenge from a newly blinded neighbour. :bigsmile:

Yes, it’s a stock TR-J12 (29W driver, 2350 lumens). I’m waiting to see how much light it will put after I replace the driver. My only worry is that the heat will be too much. Right now the radiator gets up to 72 degrees centigrade, and the handle to 55 after 30-35 minutes on high(using protected real 2400mAh Trustfire batteries).

Thanks God the new driver also has 5 modes, I think I’ll be using the High for shooting down planes and the medium/low for normal use.

Welcome to BLF! You'll love being here! :)

Nice beamshot comparison & quite exceptional first post! :)

Welcome to the BLF, Boggy - and thanks for the beamshots !

I hope you enjoy your stay and keep coming back, Boggy!

Great beamshots boggy! I guess the STL-V2 really is a beast of a thrower.
I asked my brother about the STL V2 and the 7G5 V2, and he said that STL V2 was brighter. Hmm… but I can’t say for sure until my light meter comes in.

Thank you all!

@raccoon city - I see I’m quite famous in the US. I guess I’m the next Chuck Norris if I’m a legend and I have my own cemetery. :smiley:

@Slewflash - I have a luxmeter but I don’t have the 7G5 V2 so I can’t really tell. I will do an in depth comparison between my torches once the King arrives(+ more beamshots, this time shot better).
The only thing I measured was the ceiling bounce readings(in the bathroom, white everywhere) between the “230lumen” 1JC8 and the 2350lumen TR-J12. The 1JC8 scored a 28lux reading, and the TR-J12 scored 390lux with 3 batteries, and 420lux with 2 batteries.

From what I read somewhere on BLF, the STL-V2 has a real output of about 700lumens, the driver allowing only 1.4A (I hope I remember the numbers correctly). There is an option to replace the driver with a 4A one from kaidomain or dx.com. Then it should give some HID’s a run for their life. I’m very tempted in doing this, it all rests on how the driver replacement in the TR-J12 will go. If I fry something I think I’ll stay put for a while.

Well, the King arrived and I must tell you, this bulky little thing is just awesome. I much prefer it and its light output to the TR-J12, although they’re very similar. The light circle is better defined on the King, but that’s to be expected. Easier to focus 3 LED’s than 5.

Here’s a comparison between them on a wall:

But wait… I remember doing something last night. It might have involved unscrewing, drilling and soldering… Hmm…

Oh yes, I did this:

The TR-J12 got the new driver in place, and I must tell you… wtfroflmao. :smiley:

The difference?

I did some quick beamshots last night, but you’d probably not be able to tell the real difference between them. I need to do a proper, camera-on-a-tripod comparison. Anyhow, this is the TR-J12 after the driver swap:

The building farthest away between the trees, on which the light is beaming is google maps measured at 120-130 meters away. It was completely lit up…

If before I could barely tell a difference between the King and the J12, now it’s bright as daylight(see what I did here? 8) ).

Beamshots as soon as I get some time and the motivation to move my lazy ass in a cool, dark location.

Well, a dark location it is. :bigsmile:

[WARNING - PicHeavy Post]

I just finished the photoshoot a couple of hours ago and here are my results in a very very very dusty and wet night(me and my friend saw tons of dust in the light beams, and were honestly terrified that we’re breathing that crap :expressionless: ). A lot of humidity in the air also as I said; when I finished the test my car was dripping wet with dew.

I didn’t have my cheapo ebay zoomie with me as I lent it to someone for the night.

First test, ~210meters to the “subject”.


1JC8 - For 15 bucks i’m completely blown away, really. That tight of a beam and such big range for a pocket light.
STL-V2 - As you would expect, the sheer power of the T6 makes the 1JC8 lean its head in respect. If only my aspheric mod would make this throw as tight as the 1JC8… wet dreams, I know.
King - 2200 lumens of nicely directed beam… for a flooder. Of course, not as tight as those two above, but that’s not the point with this light. Still love the way it handles.
Modified TR-J12 - 4000 Lumens blasting all over the place. If we had astronauts on the moon, they would’ve seen me. It’s a massive flooder in all respects of this word. Although spilling a ton of the light on the sides, it still outshines the King at long range due to its sheer power.

Remember, the stock TR-J12 drew the short straw regarding distance compared to the King, as the latter had a tad more directed beam. Barely visible though.

Next one, 300m:

Apologies for the totally screwed camera angle. Those flooders + the shitty atmospheric conditions made a halo of light that covers the towers. I moved the camera for the TR-J12 last shot for better view. I didn’t retake the other shots as it was cold and I was shivering. Although I love flashlights, I love myself more.

All in all, not a very conclusive range test due to the dust, humidity and city conditions. To be redone outside town as soon as I get the chance.

Btw… our attempts to contact ET failed.

nice beam shots, thanks for sharing.

Welcome to BLF Boggy!!
Really nice first posts, very useful!.
Which one do you prefer, the KING or the Modded J12? Does it gets hot quickly after the driver swap?


I can’t tell which I prefer the most. It’s a tie since the driver swap. I just love how the King sits in the hand, and what it can do with those 3 LEDs. But damn, when that TR-J12 lights up is like having a little sun in your hands.

The downside of the TR-J12 is its size I guess. I don’t see myself carrying that beast “for fun”, maybe only when utility asks for it. The King is more fun and it doesn’t look like you’re going to bash someone’s head in with it. :bigsmile:

Regarding the temps, they’ve been running on full power side by side for 20 minutes now. The King went up to 57degrees Centigrade (IR Thermometer measured at hottest point on the radiator), and the TR-J12 to 53C. Before the driver swap, the TR-J12 after 38 mins was at 72C(!!!) and 65-60 degrees on the handle!
I had to literally throw it from hand to hand so I can get to the tail switch and turn the darn thing off! Genius me, I had it tailstanding and I couldn’t have quick access to the power when I needed it…

The lower temp is because the new driver cuts power when over 50-55 degrees to prevent damage, and I can see this in the light output. It’s now lower than the King’s.

Test done indoors at room temp. If you run it outdoors even in a moderately hot day(or should I say night :bigsmile: ) you should still get 10-15 minutes on full blast before it cuts down the power. On a cold one you shouldn’t worry about it.

Oh, I almost forgot. The size comparison:

Like you say, that 1JC8 is a real budget thrower! I imagine if I had to choose, I would go with the King Mod it.

Thanks for the great shots and welcome to BLF!

Thanks for such GREAT comparison!
The size says it all, the KING is very short, maybe two KINGs on the hand would do the 4400Lm trick :slight_smile:

Then how about 7100 lumens*? 8)

This was a “Hell, light’em all up!” moment.

*Considering the 1JC8 has ~200lm and the STL-V2 ~700.

Wow boggy,nice work!the tr-j12 is a flood beast with that mod and your photography is awesome.I regret not getting the Tr-j12 because of the potential it has.Did you thermal pot the driver and was the driver a tight fit?


The driver’s second PCB needed to be filed down a bit so it would fit(see post #8 for pic). I didn’t secure it with anything, although the original driver was glued(i think so, as i needed to drill a hole in it so I can wedge something in it and pull it out).

The screw cap that goes after the driver has a big spring on it that keeps the driver pressed, so I didn’t have to glue it again.

Great photos, Boggy! Thanks for sharing. 8)