NEW Klarus RS80

EDIT Additional pictures & Spec updated.

Spec copied from Klarus site :

• Super bright LED Spotlight, with a output of up to 2680 lumens and Max runtime of 18 days.
• 3 CREE XM-L U2 LEDs situated in deep smooth reflectors throws beam to a maximum distance of 800 meters.
• Lightweight, easy to carry, billet aluminum casing rated to IPX-8 Standard (waterproof to a depth of 2 meters). DC recharging socket safe to use in wet conditions.
• Innovative one-piece design limits thermal stress on internal electronics, allowing for extended periods of use, even at maximum output.
• Tripod mountable via the standard UNC1/4-20 threaded mounting point.
• High/Low output dual switch buttons for quick, one-hand operation.
• Easy to replace battery pack - meet the continuous use requirements of Search & Rescue and Emergency Services work.
• Easy to access Strobe function - instant access to strobe from any mode.
• Nine modes with memory function.
• Ideal for Military, Law Enforcement, Hunting, Search & Rescue and Outdoor activities.
• Smart LED usage - at 50% power mode or lower, the flashlight will shut down non-essential LED’s to enhance the light efficiency and power usage.
• Elegant stainless steel head pressure ring design protects the lens and reflector system from drops and impacts.
• High quality and highly efficient Constant Current circuits, allows the battery to achieve optimum performance under any conditions.
• Ergonomic handle and heat insulation design allows for ease of use and carry.
• Detachable shoulder belt with screw-in attachment points.
• Packaged in a sturdy aluminum case for easy storage.

Am I the only one here who's first reaction upon seeing the first pic of this light was "WTF??"


:bigsmile: Their website doesn’t say anything as of yet, maybe other forum might have sneak preview I’m not sure :bigsmile:


Although I can sort of see the logic. It’s a bit like a modern lantern style, but thin and compact at the same time. Ugly though.

It's the answer to a question nobody asked.

i like this special design, the price will be the bigger problem, as the klarus lights aren’t budget

It’s not even April fool’s day for months yet!

plain ugly.

But in a pure functional view this makes more sense than stuffing 3 (or for that matter 9) leds in one round (why round? easier to machine?) head using a weird-shaped reflector, as in most multi-emitter flashlights.

Using this set-up they could have designed a much nicer light

Is it not a modern take on using these:

in this type of light:


I think it’s a refreshing design, and one which is aimed more at practicality.
I like it.

Nope, same here…But i tend to like WTF type. Anything different than your basic run of the mill
tube…This makes it into the WTF category…

I was able to unscramble the blot out on the model name. It’s a Klarus WTF, after extensive web searching 2 other models showed up, the OMG and the WHY. All kidding aside I’m waiting for the review on it and will it accept standard attack bezels. Clothing designers were caught completely off guard but rumor has it cargo pockets will be larger in the near future for those that demand European EDC standards be meet.

I can see this being on a sci-fi tv show. Or Promethius 2 maybe?

Holy smokes,that's ugly!I think this may be a giant FAIL!There's too many multi-emitter lights out there that are better looking,pass on this one.

We need a celebrity death match between this and a TK45

It sure is ugly, but its nice to see tripod mounts… for the occasion you need such a thing.

I guess.

The more I look at the pictures, its well machined, and given the two lanyard rings, carry strap, potential size of battery pack, those reflectors may actually be pretty big. That skyline beam shot suggests respectable throw….


If you can get past the fugly, and the three heads are machined to make one good hotspot, rather than an ovoid beam, it may be a bit of a z/q light (look up z cars (not the series)/ q cars)

Edit :- look at the forth picture down, note how the upper and lower reflector images are different than centre, then look at the bottom beam shot image, they are designed to line up at one point. So it’s intended to be a thrower….

its funny all the lights people think are ugly I seem to like lol including the xt20

YESSS! Lipo pack, I love lights that don’t use the old heavy lions; much cheaper and higher preforming than traditional 18650’s. Long as it’s solid and doesn’t have mode issues I like it; seems good for some casual lighting, flood, looks to be a great all rounder. With luck it has a protection circuit in there too.