New lights at HD

HD had some new lights in the front “promotions” display boxes. The had 2-pack of 2AA Defiant’s that looked real interesting. Emitter looked to be xpg or xml. No green pcb. Emitter sSeemed pretty dark yellow. Nice looking lights. I can’t find them on the website. I didn’t have a camera. They were $14.9_ for the 2-pack. I bought one, but may not get a chance to open it up for a bit. My wife is leaving town Thursday and we have a ton of stuff to get done.

They also had some the 2-packs of the Defiant tactical 3AAA’s. Says 1 watt emitter, but I’m pretty sure it’s something bigger. Look to be decent mod hosts. $9.00 for the 2-pack.

They also had headlights and other stuff that didn’t really grab my attention.

I saw the same or similar ones at the HD here, but they had 2-packs of 3xAAA ones (in 3xAAA carriers), with one black and one chrome/silver.

I replaced the 3xAAA carrier with a 18500 battery (no convertors needed, just dropped the 18500 in), and it’s pretty bright. Single mode only though. The LED is on a star that’s on a small pill, so it’s relatively easy to work with. Bodies are pretty sturdy.

I saw the two pack of 2aa lights this morning. I don’t think there Cree led’s but I only looked briefly.

EDIT: see pay below, it is a Cree

Can someone post a pic? I was there this weekend and didn't notice anything new.


Only pic I got, I was more interested in the larger light

I’ll try and swing by later and take another pic if ya want

I'd like to hear more of the specs and what emitter is in them. Another pic would be nice if not too troublesome.


For you? No prob. I’ll swing over to hD on my way back to the shop and take some closer pics


Here’re some for the 3xAAA ones (this is the chrome/silver one):

Well thanks! My recent adventures to Home Depot and Lowes have been to the plumbing section! I haven't thought too much about Flashlights while there.



Those seem to be the 3AAA ones from Black Friday / Christmastime. I have four of those. I think they're XB-D's. I wanted to do some XM-L emitter swaps with them. Old-Lumens thread here.


The 3xAAA ones are XB-D, indeed. I did emitter swap on one. Not a bad light with XP-G in there.
I also changed it so I can fit an 18650, with an AK-47A driver. Minor tailcap mod, trim off the plastic nub around the spring.
Edit: Just took a look. Driver is up in the pill a bit too, in order to fit the 18650.

Ouchyfoot, I didn’t see the smaller 3C or the 2xAA lights at my HD. Seems I have to go back again… :slight_smile:

Pictures of the 2aa lights

And cause I’m weak

The money shot

Is that an xbd ? theres a KM on the board

Kinda looks like XB-D to me. Host looks OK, for a 2xAA light.
Did you get the Black Friday 3C light too? :slight_smile:

Thanks CarpentryHero! I think I'll pass on these. My flashlight budget has been taking a backseat to other higher priority projects lately.


I got two sizes of 3c lights from earlier today. They weren’t in Edmonton during Black Friday. Is it the lil guy next to the super thrower?

Yeah the 2aa lights aren’t worth it, I was curious about the emitter. (And haven’t had anything arrive in the male in three weeks) so I figured why not :wink:

[ My recent adventures to Home Depot and Lowes have been to the plumbing section! I haven’t thought too much about Flashlights while there.



I am having a hard time believing this! :stuck_out_tongue: -Rick

Bummer, they looked like nice lights to me this morning. Liked the body and clip. I was going to to put 219’s in mine. Why are they not worth $7.50US a piece?

The 2aa lights
The driver is what makes it not worth it for me. It’s a next mode memory, which I’m not a huge fan. They are $20 for two here, there alright for loaners.
The clip feels a little soft, if its spring steal then its a little thin and flimsy.

It’s an alright light, the beam is decent but that next mode memory kills it for me. If it was a single mode I’d be happier.