New lights from Smallsun T08 with side click

One of the most popular light here on BLF now comes with side click Small-Sun T43 with side charger and indicator light
but with XM-L T6? :expressionless:

This one Small-Sun ZY-T61 also caught my eyes as it is a gorgeous design except for the price :stuck_out_tongue:

GB on the T-43 anyone? :smiley:

Love Small Sun. Nice, budget-friendly lights.

The T43 looks interesting. But, kinda pricey. Essentially $20 more than the T08. Seems a tad much to add a side switch, potentially sub-standard batteries/charger and on-board charging. And if this is a new light…why XM-L instead of XM-L2?

Still interesting considering Small Sun’s reputation. Would be appealing with a few upgrades.

Yeah the price is too much even with side click… if it’s around $25 I would have pulled the trigger already :
Maybe you can do your magic and ask GB to stock this light and do GroupBuy? :smiley:

The charging port is a bummer. Looks nicer overall though. Drop the batteries, charging cable and ~$20 and I’d be in.

I see what you did there, DL… 8)

They cloned one from the Master
as seen here;

I own this lovey light now and it looks as if they placed the switch exactly as he did.
Guarantee the new Small Sun does not put out the same output of lovely tint though:)

All hail OL!

I talked to Karen at GearBest and they now have it in stock now for a WAY better price, $32.45:

Any chance of a listing with just the flashlight at $5-10 cheaper?

Checking on that and potentially other changes. :slight_smile:

This might be a nice light for a XHP70 mod by flipping a battery around.

Go, Kronological, go!

I wish they would stop putting the internal battery charging in budget lights.Do Not Trust!

Sounds interesting. :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing what you can accomplish.

Totally agree. But I see a potential host that will be gutted and reborn a lumen monster! (Insert moo-ha, ha laugh here)

Any word on just the light?

I’m late! I just realized this light a moment ago.

The switch must be electronic switch from what it seems and I don’t need the charging feature.

Ahh man, the design itself looks nice but I think I will still stick to its predecessor T08, unless there is a teardown review to convince me. :slight_smile:

I should be receiving the T43 any day now. I will do a brief review for everyone.

GB just posted a discount code on it ( I just ordered one for $28.59, code: SunZYGB.

Think it looks to be worth this price - limited # available - they said 18, order quick.

Got mine today. Plastic reflector and looks like alum bezel - ugh, a bit step down in quality compared to the later T08's I got, as Joe said in his review. Didn't do a full tear down yet, but it has the classic loose pill/poor threading the T08's have. Can't believe it's goin for like $47 on flea bay.

Does the new T43 have a tail switch also, or the E-switch only?