New Nichia NVSU233B-D4 365nm

How do you feel when you got some USD40/pc worth UV LED in damaged condition?

In my case, I'm happy ^:). But still complained the courier

Some of them are perfectly dedomed. Otherwise I wouldn't even dare to try it. The lens is only glued to the base at four tiny points (yup, not airtight at all)not poured over like common LEDs, now I know. So, with the air gap in between, dedoming this one should yield a bit higher luminous output and floodier emission. Now we have option right from the chip scale, nice.

These are the new NVSU233B-D4 365nm not yet launched, not even on the website. The die is different with larger uninterrupted emitting area. The 365nm said to perform up to 1400mW (previously 1030mW). For those not familiar with this one, you can check the older model test and detail here:

I will test them ASAP, in the meantime, enjoy the phreakview below:

@Djozz: you'll get the NVSU233A-D1 and NVSU233B-D4 soon. ;)

Anyone interested? I have 5 pcs free (you pay the shipping of course) samples to share. POST your interest in this thread

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- Clemence

I take one if avalaible.

How much did the courier charge for dedoming? :stuck_out_tongue:
Looking forward to the testing & results!

Dunno, maybe USD 1,6 from Jakarta to Bali (local courier)

I reserve one for Bill Tong, he PM-ed me before the first reply made

That’s pretty cheap, I have a couple LEDs I would like dedomed, I’ll mail them to myself thru the same courier.

Sure, but I will need to check them first. Especially those with fell off dome, if they’re still working or not. So, expect to get LED with solder marks

I think they use this method: “ouch, I think I stepped on one…”


Thanks Clemence.

It’s interesting to me that the dome is not air tight either, I would have thought it would impact performance in some way.

Or perhaps because these are pre production items

I’m honored to get these premium leds from you Clemence. I’m well behind in testing them, but still excited by the developements.

The pattern of die of the D4 has some resemblance to the newer LG Innotek UV leds. Would like to see some of those in action too but they are impossible to obtain.

I want one but there is no way I can pay shipping because there is no paypal etc. here… :person_facepalming:

Interested in one, will do a Makro of it as well

Will ship in May together with my next shipment to Germany and Canada
What LED is that?

Did some photos with my reverse adapter for DSLR
Used Canon Eos 50D with 16-35mm F2.8 lens
@F=18 and reverse adapter ISO400 1/160s
light with a 1400 lumens 5000K NW flashlight from the side

First Lite On KTPL-C034UVH365
this LED has a electrical neutral middle thermal pad for DTP stars
The active area is a lot bigger than on he Nichia LED, so it throws less
my LED has a surprizing low forward voltage of 3.46V @0.7A

second Nichia NCSU276A U365

die size 1x1mm
LED forward voltage of my one 3.84V @700mA

the pictures are only cropped a tiny bit to cut parts from background, the original size has about 13MP from 20MPixel left

for those who are not familiar how to do ultra macros with reversing a lens

This reverse adapter is self build from
first a reverse adapter without any contacts
like this
a adaptor ring extending from 72 to 82mm for the lens

Then I ordered a cheap macro extender for EF lenses
dismantled it to get the Ring connecting to the lens to the camera
on the other side I removed the contact plate

I used a cable to connect the both contact plates

Then I dremeled the mechanical reverse adapter to make the contact plate fir and hot glued in there

It was a selfbuild back in 2008 or so
for those who dont want to self build them they are now also commercial availiable

I want one please if still available. Thanks

Neat, I got the idea. I just use the built in macro. Thx for the BIG pictures


I guess with the right camera with a small sensor and a reverse adapter you could make photos like with a microscope

I cropped here with the native resulution
I guess a 35mm DSLR lens with f2.8 has its limitations in reverse not the 20Mp sensor itself

The rainbow sparcle comes from the LED surface, not noise from sensor