NEW Nitecore 4xAA XML U2 Light released!

Has anyone else seen this? I am not fond of the styling, I’d prefer much more knurling. I’d also like a much lower low and neutral white emitter option. So I’m not into it. But others may be!

Also, how does the tailcap screw on properly to line up the springs compressed on the batteries?

No battery holder?

When you turning it how does it aline?

Same thing I asked in my post. Strange to me!

Sorry did not read your post properly. Clicked on the link first.

Me likey.

Ordered for Christmas, around $66 delivered with coupon code. Great thing is I can send it back if I don’t like it. OR have some one mod it to a NW!

Maybe the spring and positive node turns as you screw it.

Most probably there are two or more locking pins and the tailcap has a rotating axis. Once the pins align with the holes on the body this plate takes its place and only the tailcap part should be screwing on the threads.

Only way it can be done, I think.

I have lanterns that work that way .

very interesting….

needs a moonlight and T6 3C to be in my collection :slight_smile:

Haven’t noticed the price. On the other forum one said it was €75, $100, and I said it should be $65 for its audience. It looks like I’m hitting the target with this price. I guess hkequipment can get a good price with some BLF discount.

Have you noticed how far this thing can throw? ~280m is impressive, if true.

Am I the only one that thinks this has pretty bad mode spacing?

Turbo: 860 Lumens/1.75 Hours
High: 550 Lumens/2 Hours
Mid: 300 Lumens/4.5 Hours
Low: 135 Lumens/11 Hours
Micro: 65 Lumens/22 Hours


Why no 5-9 lm a total mystery, I’d prefer it like 9, 150, 400, 850 (stepping down to 600)

I’m a little weirded out by the tailcap with the 4 springs but atleast its coming out. Zebralight still hasn’t released the Q50
Nice to see someone step up.

TN31 has it pretty good starting from low.

Same here.

IMO mode spacing looks useless unless you buy this light to use it on max only.

Not sure I would like to buy one even if they offered discount and added neutral tint to it, hmm, will wait for reviews, good looking tho!

Edit: And the size of it, wow, really small+has some interesting features to it, Im eager to see reviews and longer term durability!

3 minute stepdown on turbo,not a bad light but mode spacing is odd.Interesting 4aa thrower,I wouldn't mind having one.

I really like the look of this. More and more I have become a fan of Nitecore products. They are innovative and keep their styling simple and tasteful while being rugged and dependable at the same time. This is my first peek at this light, and I am off to find more about it.

I was looking on the Nitecore site. The EA4 also comes in Neutral White.

You’re right, they have much more info and photos on the nitecore site: