New Olight i1 no battery/packaging on ebay $21 free S&H now $15.50+$10 S&H in package $25.50

great price. i paid $25 for mine from BJ BF sale. 15left

Its small probably my shortest. get hot quickly on high. bright. takes 16340 unprotected/short cells

Yeah.. definitely a nice price! if you are searching for one, I wouldnt mind the lost of packaging for this price!

Thanks for the heads up!

I have been seeking a small XM-L light, so I instantly ordered one.

With the shell its $9 more.

13 left hope guys here get it.

Always the i1 and never the i2

I'm such a tool.. another light ordered :/

New guy here...lurking and learning...

I have the little Olight AAA keychain light. Like the twist feature with H-M-L and no strobe/sos or other modes I may never use.

Bought the Olight from goinggear. This model looks looks like a deal. Don't need the packaging with the hex wrench and o rings.

But where to get the 16340's? Dealextreme? Kaido..?

I love these little lights!


It really works with 16340? it accepts 4,2 volt input?

I got mine from here and they do perform well

( be carefull with the fake ones )

Hi PappyD, welcome to the forum.

I like to get my cells domestically, to avoid fakes and shorten shipping times. is a good seller, as is

Darn you, JEJIAS....another torch is on the way.

Great find! In for one, thanks.

These do seem to work on 16340's.

Hopefully, the tail section from my A1 will interchange so I can avoid the split ring side ways attachment point.


+1. Ive had very good results with these.

OK, I just ordered one of the lights. Only 7 left now!

Now to look for batteries.


Grr... not available to UK.

strange why they don't post to uk

i almost pulled the trigger on this then noticed that

or how about this for $18.06

"Shipping to: Worldwide
Excludes: Maldives, Italy, United Kingdom, Brazil"
Might be imposing on another market sanctioned by Olight. I can definitely understand your frustration.

Nice, but it has the XP-G emitter.

The I1 is XM-L.

Damn couldn't resist one either, now I also need batteries.

There are two types of trustfire flames on DX, the one linked to above and this one

Slightly cheaper and also seems shorter, is that a better choice maybe?

Or just Un-protected version of the same battery?