New Release: ACEBEAM Terminator M1 Flashlight Limited Edition

Hello BLF guys,

Introducing you all-new ACEBEAM Terminator M1 Dual Head LEP&LED Flashlight.

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Updated 2023-8-24

This ACEBEAM Terminator M1 flashlight 2 in 1, with a zoomable white laser and the LED floodlight offer ergonomic switch options featuring a moonlight or turbo position to match your diversified demands. Learn more:

Terminator M1 Flashlight 2023-8-23

ACEBEAM-M1 Flashlight

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Personal preference - i wish it was smaller. Otherwise a very cool new design.

Not sure about the size (it carries a 21700, after all), I just wish the price was smaller… $270 is way out of my budget :frowning:

Otherwise a very cool new design.

Agreed, looks really cool.

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It’s fine for when you haven’t got USD8000 :slight_smile:

Price reflects LEP pricing, there’s nothing cheap about LEP.

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Oh yeah, I’ve seen this $8000 light and know what you’re talking about. It’s indeed beautiful and a masterwork and all that, but the day I pay anything close to that for a flashlight would be the day that I either (1) get institutionalized at a maniac asylum, or (2) have just won the lottery, or both :wink:

I always thought that reflector hanging off the side was a silly design.

A LEP with a manual zoom! :heart_eyes:

  • Size: L:104mm/4.09’’ W: 35.2mm/1.39’’ H:63.4mm/2.5’’
  • 1 x 21700 battery
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Is this the newer pass through LEP type?

Also with all that space on the LEP side they could’ve integrated a USB C charge port instead of going the lazy path and giving you a 21700 with on board charging

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You think lazy. I think far superior to having a charge port on the light.

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that is probably up to personal preference. I would also prefer to just plug in the light and not having to take the battery out. But I understand that some prefer it differently and that’s fine.

Yes, that is exactly what I am saying, it’s a personal preference. Acebeam made a choice with integrated charging that some prefer and some do not - that doesn’t make them lazy for doing so.

USB-C behind a screwable cap on the opposite end of the LEP “tube” would work well. Onboard charging for those who want that feature, uncompromised waterproofness for those who prefer no charging.

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The new Acebeam E75 has USB-C with a rubber flap.

If charging is going to be added to more an more Acebeam lights, then I’d like to see it implemented as you mentioned.

Looks cool… but also looks very bulky.

From the pictures, it appears the cell goes in the right tube under the triple.

The entire left tube appears to just contain the LEP, driver and switches. The left tube appears far bigger than needed just for those. Very likely there is a lot of wasted empty space inside the left tube.

in fact a waterproof USB solution does not necessarily need a cover. Phones nowadays already have waterproof USB-C ports, a cover is just useful to keep the port clean, but not required for waterproofing.

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I’m curious to learn what happens in a phone when water gets into the USB port and shorts its 5V and ground pins, or possibly worse, 5V and signal pins… presuming it manages to survive it, I would like to learn how – like, disabling the port totally if something starts drawing current but fails to negotiate a USB connection?

as long as it is not metal or something super conductive which is put into your USB nothing happens.
Water is not that conductive, especially not at these low voltages. Due to the high resistance there will be a very small current but so low that it just cannot harm anything. It might become a problem on quick charging when a higher voltage is negotiated with the charger, but the starting voltage is always 5V

Newer phones can in fact register when the port is wet and will give you a notification to preferably not use it until it has dried out.

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The port may melt if you get water in it while a USB-C cable is inserted to charge the device.

I melted the port in my Google Pixel. I was using it in the rain while a charging cable was connected. It was raining lightly but water had collected inside the case and came down through the opening near the charging port.

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Thanks @TimMc and @Pöbel for the thoughtful replies and additional data!

My current phone (a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S, of course running opensource LineageOS) is not waterproof, so I take extreme care when using it in wet conditions – and I always suspected the USB port could be a serious problem even in waterproof phones. I’m relieved the manufacturers of these phones took measures to try and mitigate that, and at the same time wary that those measures do not always succeed (as Tim’s Pixel issue just told us).

Tim, re: the fried port, I feel your pain: I once lost a very nice B&N Nook 11 tablet also due to a fried USB port, but not due to water: As it happened, I connected it to an USB cable that had already given me some trouble with intermittent charging earlier, and this time the intermittence resulted in resistence which resulted in heating which fried the port AND the tablet: I came to its rescue after smelling burning plastic (!) but it was OFC too late, the tablet wouldn’t even turn on anymore. I grieved its passing (it was a really nice tablet, not even 3 years old) but at the same time felt grateful it didn’t set my house on fire.

So, lesson learned: since then, the first time a USB cable gives me *any" trouble, I throw it immediately in the trash – and I heartily recommend everyone to do exactly the same.

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If you are trying to imagine how this thing is operated and how it would fit into your hand

I had the same question and thus printed a mockup (please do not mind the quality, it’s just a super quick draft)

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