New Sofirn SP33 V3 !!

Thanks, it’s got a big FET so it must use PWM, but I’m not seeing current regulators or a resistor bank for a second channel. I’ll see if I can make sense of the design later. The red glue looks to be hiding components.

I found the second channel (Moonlight FET) on the MCU board.

Hey, just discovered that Kaidomain’s 32.5MM (D) X 18MMM (H) 5-DEGREE PMMA OPTICAL LENS FOR CREE XHP70 is a drop-in replacement for the original aluminum OP reflector in Sofirn’s SP33!!!

Also applied a layer of d-c-fix self-adhesive Milky (aka Sand) film under the original glass cover lens to further smooth the beam, works like a charm.

Awesome, thanks for reporting! Do you have beamshots with the lens, without/with the d-c-fix film?

Sorry but BLF keeps disappearing my pics.

Very nice! Any noticeable loss in output?

As for posting pictures on BLF, it trips up most folks initially, so there’s a tutorial: How to Post Images on BLF

Well I have no technical means of measuring output but these lenses are not significantly lossy. Of course diffusing a beam sacrifices throw, but that’s where my Epileptical ™ reflector shields come in. Just got new supplies so will be refabbing them with extended tubing; that should circumscribe cutoff and proportionally boost range. Will be updating my DIY thread on mtbr so stay tuned. :wink:

Andychrist, so the lens is the same height as the SP33 reflector? I long suspected it was shorter.

Did you have any issues getting the 7mmx7mm square hole to center up on the 5mmx5mm led?

Well Jason there’s a white plastic gasket that fits around the emitter and the base of the lens’ shell meshes with that, just have to line them up. Easy-peasy.

Didn’t compare heights side by side; though initially I too was under the impression that the lens was shorter, once installed it came up to the correct height inside the lamp head so that when screwed back on over the silicone O-ring the bezel held it in place perfectly. Can’t tell you how surprised I was!

Does it come in other angles , like 45 or 60?

Well pennzy there’s also a 25 degree one on Kaidomain’s website but that’s all I could find there.


Of course if you apply d-c-fix to the underside of the original cover glass it will spread out the beam considerably further.


That TIR is sized to fit the xhp70. The xhp50 is smaller. I was assuming it might be tricky to get it centered properly.

Yeah Jason I’d have thought the same. But the white plastic gasket has two levels of raised circles so guess it’s made to adapt to either size XHP. And the square base of emitter itself is flat and flush with the star, only its round dome is significantly three dimensional. White plastic shell encapsulating the lens comes to the same height of the reflector minus the latter’s inner ridge that helps seat the silicone O-ring, which simply sits on top of the lens’ shell without that ridge, it all fits perfectly inside the lamp head itself so no worries. (Interestingly the aluminum reflector seems to have the same size hole at its base as the naked lens.) Anyway once dropped in and rotated under pressure until it clicks into place that lens will stay centered. Still needs the cover glass though to hold it down, but that’s just one more opportunity to apply some d-c-fix. :slight_smile:

Just as a heads up if you are interested in using 21700 cells in this SP33v3 or another compatible light the highly regarded Molicell 4200mAh P42A is the deal of the day at 18650batterystore dot com.They are being offered at $4.99 ea until Feb 4th

Does the SP33v3 take 21700 cells?

I tried a Brinyte 21700 cell and couldn’t close the cap. I was afraid I would damage the springs. Maybe that cell is extra long at 75-76mm since it is a protected cell with a built-in charger.

I checked the specifications for the SP33v3 and it states only 26650 and 18650. I thought it would also support 21700 since it seems nearly identical to the Astrolux EC01, and that one states support for 21700 or 18650 (but not 26650?). I do wonder what the differences are if any.

Takes unprotected cells only.

The Molicell I referenced is an unprotected flat top cell.

The SP33v3 user guide recommends the use of unprotected 26650 and 21700 while stating 18650 as not recommended.

The 21700 cells have a lot of wiggle room without a sleeve to hold them.

Without a device to measure lumens I observe by eye greater brightness shown on a wall in total darkness 5 feet away with my Sp33v3 and a fully charged Molicell 21700 over the SP33v3 with a with a fully charged ShockLI 26650 5500mAh.This is on the turbo setting.

As with some other lights the cell used matters.YMMV

Good point. I just confirmed this in the manual too.

I had previously done a quick check on the aliexpress listing which states: “Battery Options: One 18650 Li-ion battery or single 26650 battery” Interesting that they sell with 18650 despite not recommending it.

You can post links here. We like links to flashlight stuff :smiley:

I think it will fit flat top 21700 just barely. I can fit 21700 cells in my v2 model, but the springs get fully compressed.

Protected 21700 is way too long. No way those will fit.