New Sofirn SP33 V3 !!

“I see all their reviews are 5 stars.” — Whenever I submitted a negative review to Banggood, as I did about a seriously-defective Astrolux MF01S they shipped me, Banggood refused to post the review. All the reviews Banggood shows on the MF01S are positive yet I’m certainly not the only person who received a defective MF01S.

Yeah, might be biased.

Ceiling bounce is fine when you are comparing batteries or mods. It’s the same flashlight so the same beam angle. It’s not so great when you start comparing different models of lights. For battery tests it’s okay.

A light box is better and should be consistent enough to test differences in batteries. I would only test fully charged cells. FET lights are known for their inconsistent output, but if you did several tests, that should rule out contact issues in the battery tube and springs. The only variable is the battery and assuming they are the same length, to eliminate differences in the compressed spring height, it should be a pretty accurate test.

Make a note that heat can be a factor. A room temperature light can be brighter than one that’s been heated up. Maybe test the first battery for 10 to 15 seconds so the output has a chance to stabilize a little. Allow it to cool a bit before testing the second battery for the same duration.

If there is a decently large difference in the output then I think it has to be the battery.

Using a clamp meter to measure amp draws is a bit simpler. It eliminates the heat related output differences you get from the led.

Using a Samsung 40T 21700

Turn On - 3700
20 sec - 3500
30 - 3420

That is excellent for no mods. Very close to Sofirn’s rating, I’m very surprised

I’m not liking that in ramping you have to wait 3 seconds to ramp if starting it on the lowest level

Can anyone tell me - when you are using the smooth ramping mode - can you set it at about 800 lumen and turn off. Will I be able to access moonlight, 800 lm and Turbo? I use these 3 levels a lot. Lights using NarsilM or Anduril lose their programmed level when you access moonlight which is a bummer.

On the V2 I can access all 3 levels any time I want which is nice.

Yes, but you can’t go from moonlight (long press) to the programmed/ramped 800 lumen mode (short press), as far as I know. Turbo is double press.

From moonlight, if you start ramping that will become your new programmed mode. If you turn off from moonlight and then turn on, your previously programmed (800 lumen) mode will be there.


Long press - Moonlight - single press - Off - single press - set ramp - double press - Turbo - single press - set ramp - single press - Off

From off the usual double press is instant Turbo

I’m absolutely loving the IF25

Nice, I think I’ll buy one.

Has anyone seen this new driver?

I was going to take pics for you but….it’s glued :frowning: the bezel isn’t though so that’s one less obstacle

Am I going to have to be the first to take it apart again? Ah man.

It looks like the switch cover unscrews. Can the switch be removed? If so, you can look inside to find a flat section of pcb to press against.

I would if I was keeping it but it’s going to be sold.

There was no glue in my flashlight. But the wires are too short. To remove the driver, you need to unsolder them from the MCPCB.

FET QN3109

Thanks, it’s got a big FET so it must use PWM, but I’m not seeing current regulators or a resistor bank for a second channel. I’ll see if I can make sense of the design later. The red glue looks to be hiding components.

I found the second channel (Moonlight FET) on the MCU board.

Hey, just discovered that Kaidomain’s 32.5MM (D) X 18MMM (H) 5-DEGREE PMMA OPTICAL LENS FOR CREE XHP70 is a drop-in replacement for the original aluminum OP reflector in Sofirn’s SP33!!!

Also applied a layer of d-c-fix self-adhesive Milky (aka Sand) film under the original glass cover lens to further smooth the beam, works like a charm.

Awesome, thanks for reporting! Do you have beamshots with the lens, without/with the d-c-fix film?

Sorry but BLF keeps disappearing my pics.

Very nice! Any noticeable loss in output?

As for posting pictures on BLF, it trips up most folks initially, so there’s a tutorial: How to Post Images on BLF

Well I have no technical means of measuring output but these lenses are not significantly lossy. Of course diffusing a beam sacrifices throw, but that’s where my Epileptical ™ reflector shields come in. Just got new supplies so will be refabbing them with extended tubing; that should circumscribe cutoff and proportionally boost range. Will be updating my DIY thread on mtbr so stay tuned. :wink: