【New】The Next Generation Of 18650 li-ion Rechargeable Battery?

Tell Me What’s your imagination of the next generation of 18650 battery? :smiley:


LUMINTOP Next Generation LM34 18650 li-ion additionally add a new function – micro-USB charging input port, it can be charged only by one USB cable anytime and anywhere when you have USB power device.

No need charger - LUMINTOP LM34C Micro-USB 18650 li-on battery – The subversion of charge mode

Just did a little review on similar cells from Brinyte
HKJ has done a analysis of the Mecarmy version.
Like the idea!

Really? Already on the forum?

Yes my Brinyte review

In it a link to HKJs review

Can you comment on the possibility to use both a normal charger and tgr build in charger at the same time I experimented with?
What are your and your engineers opinions on that?

Sure that it’s not a 18_7_50 cell?

Haha :smiley: , Actually it is only 1.9mm long than the common 18650 battery with protected circuit board~ It is Ok to suit most of 18650 flashlight~

Heheh more a 19700 or 18700
But the protected 3400 Panasonic cells and many other longer and sightly thicker protected cells are called 18650 while indeed 18700 or 19700 would be a better name.

18650 only suit for the original cell ? :person_facepalming:

18 mm diameter
65 length
0 shape

The Panasonic protected cells and many others are longer and a tad thicker
But the general consensus seems to be anything from
18 - 19 mm diameter
65 - 71 mm length
Round cells
Are named 18650 since people would probably get confused and well I really like being able to explain to people “Tesla uses these 18650 cells, they pack quite the punch” since people get it then. And I like doing this even while holding a protected cell :wink: so just stick with it lol

Since there is no standard for “common 18650 battery with protected circuit board” - could you tell us the exact total length of your cell?

The total length is 70.7mm ~

Pls check details here:http://www.lumintop.com/lm34c-usb-rechargeable-18650-li-ion-battery.html

And how much does the charging circuit add to the price? I doubt this is the next generation of liions….

I like the idea - they charge at the regular USB current? what if they get connected to USB 3? Can they go up to 900mAh or even 1.5A?

I don’t really see the point.
When you have the battery out, isn’t it easier to just put it in the charger, than fiddle with these tiny usb connectors that are not made to withstand hundreds of plugs/unplugs anyway?
No indication of charge and extra long battery that won’t fit anywhere as a “bonus”.
Useless gadget.

it might be useful for travel purposes, when the light you are traveling with doesn’t have a charging port and you don’t want to carry an additional charger or power supply unit.

The big plus (for me that is, ignorng Brinyte stating it should not be done) is the fact that I can charge them with 1000mA (a normal charger) AND 750mA (the build in charger) to have a total of 1750mA thus much faster charging.

Another really big plus is the fct that I do not need a charger in the car. I have a little car adapter for charging of phones and tablets and an inverter to charge notebooks and that too has a USB out.
These can be used with the USB cable already in the car, so as a matter of fact the Brinyte cells hav given me more spac in the glove compartment :+1:

But, when you wanna charge 4 batteries, you need 4 cables and someting with 4 usb ports, not very likely to be had by most users.

You would just use w regular charger of you had for to charge. You can use external and internal charging with them

Still, not worth the price difference.