【New】The Next Generation Of 18650 li-ion Rechargeable Battery?

We need standards.

A 18650 battery that is 70.7mm is or should not be labeled 18650.

Well people like higher numbers
So a flashlight labelled 18650/18700 capable and a cell labelled 18700 could seem better then that 18650 cell :smiley:
I fear it would be more confusing for the general public but I think that the first who offers 18700 flashlights and cells could also sell more just because it had higher numbers on it.
But who would take the gamble?

No, no, no:
10mm diameter
650 1/10mm in length

IC*R*18650, IM*R*18650, IN*R*18650 : The R means round

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(The _ & * do not like numbers)

I understand your comment and reasoning, but it assumes the buyer or consumer is not smart enough to comprehend the dynamics of the batteries being used.

If the amount of profit made by selling ‘protected batteries’ to an unsophisticated public is a guide, then who knows what other great ‘new’ batteries will be released.

The ‘lowest common denominator’ is not a principal I would like to see in innovative flashlight or battery design.


The main reason I favor single cell flashlights is the ease of carrying a spare battery to change in the field if needed.

In this case a battery with a built in terminal for charging would also need a power-bank or charger; I would not find this a convenience.

The numbering is intentionally ‘nominal’ to allow for slight variations from different manufacturers, but IMHO a 5mm or more difference isn’t nominal and should be noted through use of a different number. Had they started with different more true descriptions (which they should have done) it would work, but now it would just confuse the average person even more. At least we’re smart enough to check for the length before buying :wink:


I don’t need it either. A spare battery does the job for me! :cowboy_hat_face:

This could be useful for a trip when you don’t want to carry additional chargers, just the light and one battery. However it uses a panasonic NCR-B which is not good for high powered flashlights.

I like the concept of having the micro USB built into the battery. It adds portable micro USB rechargeability to flashlights that don’t have a built in micro USB port.

My main concern is length - 70.7 mm is a bit long for some flashlights. It’ll either really crunch down on the springs, or won’t fit at all.

I don’t really “need” micro USB rechargeability for my use cases, but I might pick up 1 or 2 of these just to try out.

This is an interesting product to have developed for our market. It is something that did not even exist on what I would like to see be developed.

I may be jaded, but it seems to me engineers had some free time with existing parts and technology and produced what you see here.

I’m thinking that these charging boards are a very useful size & shape for us moddin’ types…

Are these parts available for people like yourself but as ‘parts only’?

Now this is so true!
Hmm shall I disassemble one of my Brinytes to show the parts?

I have looked for this kind of thing but was unsuccessful.

That would be cool.

How does the market work for obtaining the same part that is in the battery being discussed? Is this a proprietary manufactured part?

The Micro-usb 18650 battery also can be charged by the normal charger ~

I can see the usefulness of these cells, but they’re not for me. With 3 ‘brands’ offering these now I’d guess the chargers are outsourced, probably all from one factory ATM. If so, there would likely be a large minimum order but maybe a MegaStore will chance it and offer them.


Who’s going to buy this battery? Not me. Like most of us here, I already have battery chargers. It’s doomed to fail IMO.