【New】The Next Generation Of 18650 li-ion Rechargeable Battery?

I think it would have been a big hit if it had come out before lights with onboard charging became common.

Most enthusiasts are already going to own a bunch of batteries and chargers they like. I could see this battery being good for the everyday person that just has one 18650 light that lives in a glovebox or on a bedside table. If your only going to have one battery then just buying one of these is cheaper than buying a protected cell and a charger. You also don’t have to worry about losing the charger in the 3-6 months or maybe more between charges.

Is 3400 mah the only capacity available for these built-in USB 18650s? Will there be a cheaper 2600 mah version? Is there even a market for a 2600 mah with USB recharging?

Personally, since I only want one or two of these for fun, I’d rather get a cheaper 2600 mah.

Hmm yeah I removed the grey wrapper and black disc covering the top. Rge charging and protection part are very solid attached to the cell and I do not dare to proceed, it seems pressed fit and knowing the strip connecting the protection with the - is probably used makes me not going any further.

Well here’s what I see, it will be a fantastic seller for new comers to the 18650 scene. They will be all like, “hey look at this! I don’t need to buy a charger! I’ll buy one, no, I’ll buy 8!” This is perfect timing and this product will fill a huge niche. For me? I don’t need them, have my Opus, don’t need anything else. But, on the other hand, since the micro usb port is so common I would probably include these for gifts and friends, why? Because now I will not have to buy them a separate charger to go with it now. Hell, my wife would probably be capable of charging a battery now. She carries her Samsung 4 everywhere now. So I take the Sanyo laptop pull out of the Convoy C8 in her glove box and pop one of these in. Give her a heads up and all is well. Great idea, market it correctly and you will be laughing all the way to the bank. Matter of fact, CHRISTmas is coming up………BUY BUY BUY! Before they sell out which I’m sure will happen if again, marketed correctly.

The way I would advertise it:

Do you have an 18650 flashlight? Are you tired of lugging around a separate charger? Do you want to add micro USB recharging, but don’t want to fiddle around with the rubber cover on the micro USB port?

Get one of these! The micro USB port is ON the battery, so you don’t need a separate charger! The micro USB port is safely stored INSIDE the flashlight! No more “Oops, my flashlight drowned because I forgot to seal off the USB port with the rubber cover.”

It’s so convenient, you’ll want 4 of these! Operators are standing by.

Sounds not bad and thanks for the ideas~