Newbie after advice...on next torch purchase..

I’m looking to replace my current daily pocket torch which is a “TrustFire R5-A3” which has a battery life of well under 5min on full which is a real pain and a shame but it does have allot of punch for such a small torch real bright… lights the whole garden when its full… But need to find a replacement similar size that can use rechargeable batteries… I’m liking the look of the “Sunwayman M11R” but its a bit pricey and looks over weight slightly for a pocket torch … Basically I’m after a small light weight daily pocket torch, hell of a good light around 220 - 1000 lumens roughly, any colour within reason no pink , good on batteries long lasting over 1Hour if possible and rechargeable, under or just over £50 but cheaper the better

Sunwayman M11R Youtube Review (looks good)

Any useful advice please
Thanks in advance

You don't need to start a new thread, just give people some time to respond.

Sorry. :frowning:

Alot of guys like the solarforce L2M due to its ability to use cr123 and 18650 batteries. It comes w an extender for the 18650 batteries or if you want a stubby you can use the cr123. I personally like the L2P for work due to its HAIII coating which stands up well to extreme abuse. This is the link This one is the tube only so you will have to get a dropin led as well. They do have lots of options w complete sets if you search the sight.

Don't worry about it, just for next time. :) I would what shotdog said, the L2M is a great light and you can also get an extender to allow the use of 18650s.

If you want something smaller BLF-Mini-01 is a very popular light. See the group buy thread here.

Interesting little torch the BFL mini-01 …

If you are considering a M11 Sunwayman then a Solarforce is WAAAY too big IMO for a pocket torch.

I also think 1000 lumens is not likely, not real lumens. An XM-L is possible of this output, but only when driven hard. The two issues you face are batteries and heat.

The most you are likely to get in a 1 cell (RCR/14500) is 500-650 lumens, but as a rule these are not currently regulated and heat up really quickly, so you can only use them for small bursts.

I guess this is another thing, do you need long constant run times? Bright lights running on MAX will get hot, so many cannot be used continuously in this manner. But a lot of budget lights use poor PWM to produce lower settings. This might be an issue as it can cause a disco like strobe affect on moving objects.

So you might want to consider proper current regulated lights, but this means most will not be budget offerings.

The Sunwayman V11A and V11R are awesome lights.

The Niteye EYE10 is similar and slightly smaller:

£48 on ebay:

The EYE15 uses an 18650 instead of an RCR, so is a bit longer, but much longer runtimes:

£52 on ebay:

EagleTac D25C

£38 from LedFire (use CPF8 for a discount)

Nitecore EC1

£45 (CPF8 for discount)

Klarus NT10

£47 (CPF8 for discount)

These are all good current control lights and high quality.

However there are loads of budget lights in the $10-30 dollar range. Too many to list. However if I wanted a light to depend on, I’d be happy to spend a little more.



If you don’t fancy Li-ion batteries, and you want to stick with AA/Eneloops, then you’ll need a 2AA light to get 240+ lumens out of. Any 1AA light is going to be more like 120-160 lumens max.

What would be the best batteries for the Niteye EYE15

You may wish to look at the Xeno E03.

the m11r is a good light so if you like that one I would go for it, its really bright with a 16340 but adequate with a primary cr123 battery

Thanks for your help… But I’m going to buy this torch just need to find some decent rechargeable aaa batteries and charger now :slight_smile:

Don't. It's overpriced and not very good.

There are many better lights around.. Study a bit more and save that money to something else.

Wow, the reviews for this last torch you mentioned are from 2009! Study.

That just may be the worst possible torch that you could buy. Do not buy it.

Got it on eBay £22 GBP :wink:

I don't mean to be harsh, but you just threw away £22.

Why bother asking for advice if you're going to ignore it?

You could have gotten a much better torch for less money.

All the advice helped me chose this torch. and i dont see anything wrong with it,

"All the advice" from where? The only advice you received about the LED Lenser from here were emphatic "DO NOT BUY".

The spec on it seems very similar to what has been recommended… Anyway why do you hate this torch so much ??

And the reviews on Amazon are very positive also, I dont see your problem…