Newbie, wanting more power...

Hello peeps. I’m new to the forum as well as to flashlights. I seen an ad on facebook about the “Worlds brightest light”. It’s an Alphealight I believe? Not too sure, but the display pic was sick. It literally looked like a lite saber, and I just had to have it. Well after reading up on it, I decided against it, as I came across a review of it on you guys’ forum and got a Nitecore Mh20 instead. It’s a great light, but I’m now wanting more. I want something extremely bright with PLENTY of throw. I want distance. I don’t know anything about flashlights but I did come across a site that explained a bit, so I do know what throw and flood means.

Is there anything within a decent price that would equate to a light saber? lol

I was looking at a Streamlight 75458 Stinger DS LED HL Rechargeable High Lumen Flashlight ( ) and one of the guys from the review said it’s a good light, but that even smaller lights can put out more “Lumen”? I’ve been seeing this word quite a bit, but don’t know what it means. Is my Mh20 better than the above light? What are Lumens? What kind of light should I be looking for to get brightness and distance? I just want something to play with to be honest. The Mh20 can be my EDC, but I’d love a “toy” to play with in the darkness at the lake in the woods. Not too sure what 18650 means, but I decided to post the question in this forum as it’s the kind of light I have now? Do I need something more than 18650 to get that BRIGHT THROW I’m looking for? I don’t mind a bit of flood FYI. I at least want the light to be practical.

I wouldn’t mind spending $150 on the light, but I’m going to be needing batteries and a charger, so is there any place I can get good batteries and charger for a decent price?

Is there a light that comes with batteries and charger for $150? I’ve been all over amazon, and they have quite a bit to choose from, but I’d like to get you guys’ professional opinion…

Thanx in advance for any feedback!!

PS Sorry if this thread is in the wrong category, and if it is moved please message me to the whereabouts it may have gone as there are quite a bit of different avenues on this forum. I may need a flashlight just to navigate through all the nooks and crannys of this website :stuck_out_tongue:

18650, is a battery size / category. The one you got with the MH20 is probably a protected 18650.

Reading the specs on that Streamlight it appears the only thing it gives you above and beyond the MH20 is more weight. I can’t recommend something better as I have not got there yet. I’m still pondering the “big throw” category.

Welcome aboard! We are currently having a groupbuy for M24 Sniper! GB Interest ///OFFICIALLY CLOSED 11/8 @ 9pm CST/Maxtoch M24 Sniper with XP-L HI /// 250K lux @ 4.3 Amps!!!

Batteries and chargers imma let M4DM4X give you codes lol… Have fun reading up!


unbeatable deal at that price!

Your post reminds me of this pic I posted a few years ago:

I was testing a driver powering an LED mounted to a PC heatsink. Powered the driver from a car battery via jumper cables.


That sniper’s pretty gnarly, but how do groupbuys work? I see they have to hit a certain quota in order to get the reduced price, but how do I go about ordering? Is there a link or something?

Just post in that thread your desire and for how many and what tint if there’s a choice. Just a few days left to get on that list.

Ok, but what about my personal information such as debit card and address. Do they do all that stuff later? Who would I contact? And what is tint? Not too sure what warm, cool or neutral light means? I just want something bright and white. I hate not knowing much and bombarding with questions, but just curious and want to learn a bit more…


Sounds like you should read through the "Flashlight Wiki" linked to the left side of the site. Look for some beamshot posts of various tints.


Ok, thanx man. I notice not everyone mentioned anything about “tint” when they opted in for the light. Is it not necessary to put your preference? And if I do not, do I just get something “general” as in light shade?

Checking out that Wiki link now…

Thats coz it’s specified as neutral with xpl hi. Don’t be afraid to ask around but most information can be found via the search bar top left :slight_smile:

Welcome to BLF!! Group buys are generally associated with an online store. Sometimes we get the manufacturer involved as well to customize the light. So once the minimums are met and the lights are produced you will have to go to the website (probably with a code) and purchase the light you chose. You’re welcome to message me if you have more questions. Group buys are a lot of fun!!

This is probably one of the best ‘bang-for-your-buck’ throwers you’ll ever find. While it’s not the best, to match or better it will take twice the money or some DIY on your part. GB will close in a day or two, minimums have been met, and robo819 will send you the details regarding payment etc. via a PM here.

To get all the performance a light like this offers requires high-draw, high-capacity quality LIon cells so put the rest of your budget there and in a good charger. Those two will be needed for the other lights you’ll soon find yourself buying. Welcome to BLF and the addiction to awesome flashlights!


Thanx for the advice fellers! SawMaster mentioned in order to get peak performance I’ll need Lion batteries and a good charger. What’s a good brand for the batteries and charger? Also is Llon abbreviated for Lithium? I know, I’m as newb’d as they get :stuck_out_tongue:

That ad was quite a source of chuckles here:

Glad you didn’t buy the hype and went looking for a more reputable source of information. :slight_smile:

NCR18650PF is good for starters. It’s a Panasonic. I use an Xtar vc4 charger and it’s great!

Yeah, that’s the link that brought me to you guys. Been lurking ever since and finally decided to join :smiley:

Cool, thanx. I found both on Amazon: 2 batteries for $14.95 and the charger for $18.87-$32.99 (depending on how many batteries need to be charged at once). Speaking of which, how many batteries will this light need?

Here is some great advice I got when I started. Check out post 11 if this doesn’t link properly.

My brain was swimming when I finally signed up and asked for help. The people here are awesome! You might check out that whole post if you have time. And flashlight wiki is really nice to have around. Maybe do some reading on l-ion safety as well. Stick to name brands. Samsung, Panasonic, Efest, etc… Mtn electronics is awesome for shipping in the U.S. If you’re patient you can find good deals through BLF at Banggood (China - slow shipping). Research, ask, decide, purchase…. Have fun!

You’ll need 2. Better to get protected batteries as to prevent over discharge :slight_smile: