Next Mode Memory - why does it exist?

I recently got a Convoy S2+, 12 group firmware. I initially saw it had some kind of memory which you can enable or disable. Great, or so I thought.

Now that I’ve gotten it and paid closer attention, the memory is “next mode memory” rather than “last mode memory”. With memory enabled, next mode memory means every time you turn it off and turn it on, it will use the next level in the sequence. Why is the world would anyone want NEXT mode memory? What usecase does this solve?

Last mode memory makes sense, as long as the memory excludes strobe/turbo. But next mode has me perplexed.

NMM is pure evil, which begs the question...

Why does evil exist?

(I'm guessing someone invented NMM, and didn't realize or care that it was pure evil.)

I can think of a couple of ways NMM would be easier to code (one less timer) than regular mode memory. That would be my guess.

ETA: Are you sure it’s NMM? Or are you maybe turning it off too quickly (which can look like NMM)?

Sorry, which flashlight is this?

I have my flashlights mixed. CONVOY S2+. Edited my original post, sorry for confusion!

Ah, yeah you mean easier to implement. It’s definitely next mode (both behavior and product description).

Care to share a link where you bought it. 12 mode groups is usually a Biscotti driver. No NMM there that I can remember. Been a while since I bought a S2+ though. Lighted tail switch maybe?

Preventing NMM in reverse clicky lights would require a timer running when the light is switched off. Can be a capacitor discharging, or one keeping a timer alive. Open source firmware is available for this, just takes a µC with a free digital input pin and a capacitor if I understood Lexel correctly. Or a µC whose timer can be kept alive by a capacitor.

Yeah, got it from Aliexpress:

That is the linear FET driver (formerly 4 mode driver). I would be surprised if it was designed with next mode memory. Maybe there is something wrong with your light. Ask about it in this thread and post that same AliExpress link.

Never heard of any Convoy lights ever coming with NMM, not even the much-loathed 3/5-modegroup drivers.

Might be a counterfeit, or might be a legit but buggy light.

I have two lights with the Convoy 4-mode CC driver and neither has NMM.

How long are you waiting between turn-off and on? Like most tail-switch lights it takes a few seconds of “off” time before memory is activated vs simply cycling to the next mode.

If it turns out to be a buggy driver and you are in the US I don’t mind sending you another driver. Will save you some shipping time if you are. I don’t have any of the 4 mode only drivers but I do have some 3/5 mode and some Biscotti 4 and 8 chip drivers. All guaranteed to be NMM free. :slight_smile:

Adding a lighted tailcap without a bleeder resistor will certainly make it NMM. I found that putting in a 470 ohm resistor makes Biscotti on a Convoy driver behave like its suppose to.

it can be - like other said - that you are not waiting long enough before turning back on

usually 2 seconds is long enough, if it is longer, you may have a malfunction
( these time periods are usually set with a capacitor/resistor pair, if one is the wrong value, this can happen like yours is doing )

try leaving it off for an hour, 2 hours, 4 hours etc, and see if there is a point where it is same-mode and not next-mode

as far as i know next mode is a thing of the past unless in really really cheap lights
convoys should not be doing it

also there may be a pencil lead hack to bleed the cap faster, but i don;t know what it would be for your light


does that increase ‘leakage current’ when it is off, though?


Two examples of lights that had NMM, in a differnt release batch than original:

Thrunite Ti3

at first they had no memory and would always start on low (as long as you waited at least 10 seconds between off and back on)

if switched off and back on after less than 10 seconds, the light advanced a mode, which could be called NMM, sort of

then one day a friend bought a brand spanking new Titanium Ti3, on my recommendation, because I have one too.

He reported the light had NMM, and would not revert to starting on low, even after sitting overnight… total deal breaker… that light was upgraded to driver VN, to get rid of the NMM “feature”

Thrunite confirmed that was true for that batch of Ti3, they all NMM… these were on Amazon… now sold out.

that made me think the problem was a component that was not identical in value to previous drivers…

I did find a post about a pencil mod that may work for that light…
but Im not sure where it is at the moment

the Astrolux A01 followed a similar version change

first it had no NMM, when it used the Manker driver

but when Astrolux cloned their own A01 driver, they got one of the components wrong, and their version of A01 arrived with NMM

of course many people were unhappy with the “feature”

there is a pencil mod for that here
Astrolux A01 next mode memory removal - Album on Imgur?

my impression is that the pencil mod makes up for the too long reset timing (hours instead of seconds) of the component that was used in the batch of lights with NMM

not on the two twisties I described, they have zero parasitic drain

I think the pencil mod just allows a capacitor that is holding a charge too long, to discharge faster

I dont think these NMM lights were intentionally built to have that “feature”

imo NMM occured unintentionally due to component changes.

I have never heard of any redeeming quality to the NMM “feature”, and I have never heard of anyone that actually wanted NMM.

it totally Bugs Me, and everyone else I know

I found that the Banggood listing for Convoy’s lighted switch shows

The Convoy one only mentions Biscotti being incompatible.

Has anyone other than the OP got next mode memory in their 12-groups (aka Biscotti-clone) SST40 driver?

My S2+ with Biscotti doesn’t have NMM. They only way I can replicate something similar is if I turn it off and on too quickly, like others have suggested.