Nice price: Romisen RC-C6 for $11.59

Well I thought some might find this offer tempting:

It's a great flashlight and the best price I've ever seen for it.

And no, I'm not affiliated with dd!

PS: What about a nice price subforum? Or would that attract too many mere ads?

Great price!

And me having spent too much on lights already this year. Maybe next payday...

I have been hearing good things about them so far, but i never brought myself into getting one.Cry

it is really a nice price

Hmmm, I was sort of thinking about this too, thanks for mentioning it. We actually do have this category: and I personally don't mind if a vendor advertises his products there. As for a hot deals section, I kind of figured we would put them in the category for the battery type of the light in question, be it AA or 18650 or whatever. But maybe we should have a separate category for deals? I personally find this sort of post very useful and informative, and BLF members are encouraged to post about this.

Just ordered an item from dinodirect and am very disappointed. I sent them a e-mail asking if a particular item is in stock, I got a reply saying that it was. I ordered it, btw the checkout is pretty complicated compared tp DX or FP, after making the payment by credit card, I got a popup saying : "Sorry! The order you requested is inoperable for changes in inventory or price. Please continue to shop for other items you like." !

Be careful, will report what happens. I never had problems like this with FP or DX.

Thanks for the tip there cpf, please do let us know what happens, and please give them a star rating at the bottom of the first post here. I definitely don't like the sound of "The order you requested is inoperable for changes in inventory or price". I could accept the fact that for bad management the inventory could run out. But the price is largely in Dino's control. Even if their supplier suddenly jacked up the price, good business practice would dictate that Dino would eat the loss for an existing customer and then immediately raise the listed price of the product.

I have since used 'Live Help' and e-mail to clarify what exactly is the status of my order. Both assure me that everything is OK, the item will be shipped soon.

Will report when I actually receive it. Keeping my fingers crossed.

ok, I mentioned this thread in my e-mail reply to DD. Got a super fast response saying the item has been shipped !

Let us know when you actually get it plus I'd be interested in how it was packaged. Thanx.

Got the stuff yesterday. 10 days from shipping date. Packaged similar to DX/FP etc - bubble wrap lined white envelope.

hello, BLF members, this is DinoDirect, thanks for your guys interests, as a reward, we are excited to provide you a special discount on our flashlights which are already cheap.

you can get 15% off on all these flashlights ,

with coupon code"SPF15 "

free shipping, till August 15th, enjoy:)!

Thank you for the coupon code DinoDirect : )

Just noticed something DD, the "Watch People Shop" thing on your site causes my browsers CPU usage to spike 100% every few seconds. It is really annoying since my browser freezes for a split second everytime that happens.

Don't know if I'm the only one affected, but you can kill the script responsible for the spikes with NoScript if it bothers you.

Very very nice with discount,but if this is the norm 15% will not do it.

Romisen C3:

DX: 13.20 $

DD: 15.99 - 15% = 13.59$ (after Aug 15th one have to pay for postage too)

The Romisen C6 is cheap at DD though. Get it while you can at that price. Excellent light.

The code doesn't work for Romisen C6?

Keep getting this error: The biggest discount is applicable.

Likewise. But bought one anyway. I presume as it is already a lower price it doesn't apply. I'm sure the last time I looked there it said $16 though.

The normal price at DD for a C6 is 16.49, so its not that surpricing that they dont give discounts

on the the special price 11.49 which is cheap. DX price 13.43

Have seen that other forums dont recommend buying at DD!!

There's another version of this light that has a Q5 instead of a Q3: . It costs $16.

Ah, that explains it. Depending on its construction I may put an R5 into it so the cheaper one is better for my purposes anyway.

How much brighter do you think the Q5 would be over the Q3?