Nice price: Romisen RC-C6 for $11.59

Not a lot. And certainly not enough to pay nearly 50% more.

The Q3 bin is 93.9-100 lumens and the Q5 bin 107-114 lumens both at 350mA.

Biggest possible difference therefore is 114/93.9=20% brighter.

Lowest possible 107/100=7% brighter.

20% brighter ought to be just about noticeable. 7% is going to take a light meter to tell apart.

Thanks Don. The coupon works on the Q5 version. It'll cost about $2.50 more. I'll take the plunge and get the Q5.

Sorry I did not spot the difference. I´ve got the DX Q3 version and its an excellent light. So it would

not hurt to buy this version from DD for 11.59$.

Did you click on the link? It says Q5 everywhere...

No. Phlowcus started this thread with a link. It clearly says Q3. I did not see that and when I searched DD´s

site for a C6 I was directed to a Q5 and I did not see it there either.

Is there a way to tell the difference between a Q3 vs. Q5? I just got a zoomable light from KD and on the outer body it says Q5. How can I confirm this?

Not really, the only difference is output but without properly calibrated test gear you can't really say. The difference could be less than 10% and depends on drivers, batteries and probably the state of the Moon in a light. LEDs are sorted by output, forward voltage, tint and probably other things as well after manufacture.

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Lets face it. You probably will never be able to match the prices of DX etc. Your are far off at the moment.

thanks your advice, Nautic, if you want, you can choose some flashlights and we can give you whole sale price, just special for this forum, anyway, you get what you paid, huh? hope you can enjoy a different purchase journey:)

just took advantage of the 15 percent discount and ordered 4 lights lol , i was always thinking of the Magic Wand. Blush and Wolf-Eyes ,that is it.

thanks for your order and interests inWOLF-EYES
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I just got my C6 today. I bought the Q5 version but the box nor the light mentions this. Not entirely sure what I got. Here's a picture of what's in the package. Don, can you confirm this is the same box that came with yours?

is it modable ?

Appears the same but didn't have the voltage label and the barcode is different. Took downloading the image and a magnifying glass to check that. The rest of the package contents are the same.

Thanks Don. Is the image that small? I see the barcode numbers clearly on my 32" screen

I'm still waiting for my batteries to come from DX I now have all these weird batteries for these flashlights

Still waiting for your review Don!

Nah, my eyesight isn't that good. Even on my 27" screen :P

I mislaid the light for a while, just found it a few minutes ago while searching for its packaging so haven't done much testing on it yet.

Take your time buddy. I'm just a little anxious cause I gotta wait for batteries. Can't believe the light is so tiny.

My reaction too. The head must be more than half the volume of the thing.

got your batteries? i still wait for my flash