NIGHTWATCH Avaritia NA40 SE: triple SST20 3000K, 4000K, 95cri, type-C rechargeable - $42.24 Code: NA40SE New photos in post #53

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Code price: $42.24 — use code: NA40SE

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Hi guys,

Following in the footsteps of its successful small thrower, the NIGHTWATCH Seeker NS22 ,
is another potential hit from the NIGHTWATCH brand:

This time it’s the (3 x SST20/40 95cri) _ Avaritia NA40 SE_ series.

Again, inexpensive, but a lot of light for our money!

Code price:_ $42.24_ — use code: NA40SE

Just post ‘interested, or I’m in’ here in this thread if you are.

3 x SST20 3000k, 95cri close-up shot to wall

LED: triple SST40 6500K /SST20 3000K/SST20 4000K led (SST20 3kk and 4kk are 95cri)
Power Source: 1 x 26650 (not included)
Output: SST40 6000lm
SST20 3000K 95CRI 2000lm
SST20 4000K 95CRI 2000lm
dimension (lxd): 131mm x 41mm
charging : Rechargeable via usb-C charging port
modes: M-L-M-H-turbo

Package include:
1*NIGHTWATCH NA40SE flashlight
1*Type-C cable

1. Lux-Perpetua
2. Kit Latura
3. Rdubya18
4. BlueSwordM
5. G0OSE
6. lumiere
7. sandanbob
8. mattheww1950
9. qandeel
10. johnkey68
11. timbo114
12. Muto
13. Sidney Stratton (conditional)

Welll… nice stats but unknown Brand, and Price to high… the grey/blue looks great… O:)

You just might find this insighful about the Nightwatch brand, please check these threads out:

The surprise hit NIGHTWATCH Seeker NS22:

Thanks ya i allready checked it… 8^) :THUMBS-UP:

IIRC, Nightwatch is a "brand" of Enogear which is a flashlight company of Jacky (the same Jacky who also owns FireFlies). My Nightwatch IRA (offered by Enogear and Kaidomain) is a fantastic light for a bargain price. I'm curious about the offer tatasal presents here. AFAIK, the NA40SE is being offered by Neal for quite some time already and I had the impression there was a coupon by Martin oder someone else to get it a bit cheaper. However, I could be wrong, though. It seems Neal has some new emitter options (SST-20).

I'm interested. :-)

I’m in

I’m in also . Just got an NS22 with the SST20. Think I’ll try the SST40 .

Ah now I’m interested in the light now that it has high CRI options :slight_smile:

I’m interested depending on price please.



Neal’s Gadgets was selling these a few months ago (so there are quite a few out there in the hands of BLF members), and I bought one. It pumps out a surprising amount of light for the size, and it is built like a tank. I think Neal’s price was about $1 higher.

interested depending on the price.

Net price after code: $ 42.24

Interested depending on the price.

I have the SST40 version already. I like this brand. Didnt realize it was from the Fireflies/Enogear Jack also.

Any idea what the tint and flux bin is?

Perhaps someone here have an answer ?

This is a good deal for this light. It's pretty high quality. Mine is running NarsilM now (of course) but I left the stock SST-40's in it. Actually the mod didn't boost up the output much - it does quite well stock for power. Here's why, dual FET's, 20 AWG wires, large bank of the good 7135's, etc.:

Easy access to the driver, USB charging is separate. It's a dream mod host:

Neal got into this light early on, and now I see for a very good reason. It's quality through-out - finish, threads, components. That bezel is SS with a nice matte finish or something.

Shame the company name/brand is not registered or something, so don't think BG can pick it up, but even at Neal's regular price at $48 it's a great deal. As much output as a Q8 (SST-40 though in very CW) in a much more pocket friendly size. As a host, I like it better than the C8F's, specially with the 26650 support.

Really excited for this light after Tom’s post above. Going to be my first SST20 light and also first one with USB-C.

What’s the max battery length? Any chance that an unprotected 21700 would fit?

I'm doubting it, but can't recall if I tried. I got many 26650 lights and tried 21700's in a bunch. For example I know 21700's fit ok in the Lumintop SD26, which is why my modded SD26 is my most common batt test host.

Sorry, but seem to be missing a lot of pics of the NA40, including all the mods, but here's what I got currently posted: photobucket-NightWatchNA40, hope the link works.

I got a bunch of the 3500K SST-20's coming in from Blue and would love to swap out the blue CW's in the NA40 with the 3500k's. I took stock light measurements but don't have the #'s with me right now. Amps will be dependent on the cell you use (full open FET based driver). Think I was testing with an LK 5000 or equivalent. There's really no reason to go to a 21700 in this light - tons of amps from an LK 5000 and better capacity than a high performance 21700 like the 30T or 40T.