Nitecore EA4 - Quick Reference Guide (Cheat Sheet)

After reading posts on this forum, I recently bought a Nitecore EA4 Searchlight. According to the Nitecore website, the EA4 boasts an “Innovative single button two-stage switch [that] offers a user-friendly interface (patented)”. It also features “eight rapidly switchable brightness modes”, among other features…

But that’s only the start of it — the 8 brightness levels are grouped into 3 operating modes (Daily, Search, Special) with various switching/cycling options, and there are 2 ON states, 2 OFF states, as well as a dual-purpose power indicator light integrated into the button.

However, once you start to use the flashlight, you soon realise that the interface is anything but user-friendly. Some of the challenges include…
- how do I activate Turbo again?
- was that half, single or double-click?
- why does the button keep flashing at me?
- now that it’s locked, how do I turn this bloody thing on??

BTW, if you rely on the 2-page User Manual for instructions on how to exit Lockout mode, you’re out of luck — it’s physically impossible to “simply press the switch three times within one second”.

Anyway, in order to get the most from my EA4, I ended up creating a colour-coded Quick Reference Guide or cheat sheet (see image below).!141&authkey=AHbbHVK9hl7mKGg

For those interested, I have attached a copy of the Guide in PDF format. There are 2 versions depending on page/paper size (A4 or Letter).

Feel free to download a copy and try it out.

Nitecore EA4 Quick Reference Guide - A4
Nitecore EA4 Quick Reference Guide - Letter


very useful… thanks!

Very nice!! Thanks for sharing this.

Wow, nice work John! It took me a while to get comfortable with the daily mode and I admit to still having trouble with Turbo/High and getting locked out completely for 10 minutes. This should be a big help, thanks for posting.

Hi and welcome bcoz. Nice username. I haven't got this light yet but one day I will and yes I will need this, thanks.

thanks for this. it is a little complicated, but i think it will be second nature soon

Lol I am not able to see or download this PDF with my iPad…sky drive sucks.

Thanks. Now I have a cheat sheet for my EA4.

Just got my EA4 (literally) but only with Chinese instructions.
Thank you for your time in putting this together.

You may need an iPad app for SkyDrive, otherwise try it from a PC or Mac.

Doesn’t change the fact that sky drive sucks…to lock out the half mankind is stupid

I am able to look at the picture version, not able to download it but I am satisfied.

I like these ton of modes, I will not buy an ea4 since I have too many other lights to play with first.

Thanks for producing this cheat sheet, makes navigation of the ui so much easier!

Until the next one, this is my favourite light :slight_smile:


Thanks for putting the time into doing this (and posting it for us)! I have 2 EA4's on their way to me and this cheat-sheet will definitely help figure out how to use it (them).

I've been using skydrive for a while now with 25 gigs free plus 20 I purchased. I think it's awesome, much much better than Dropbox. I sold my first gen iPad a while back so I can't comment on Werner's issues with it. Maybe it just sucks on the iPad??

That’s a cool chart!

Definitely will be second nature. It looks to be similar to the TM15:

Half press to turn on to sane levels, half press to cycle.
Full press to blind someone, half press to only stun them.
Full press to turn off.

To lock it out, while on, full press until it flashes and then shuts off.
When locked out, half press until it turns on.

Sounds like a lot but once you get used to it, it is brilliant.

Sorry Werner but as a long-time Windows/Android user who finally relented and purchased an iPad just before Christmas, I'm inclined to agree with atbglenn.

There are just so many simple things that "suck" or are impossible on the iPad. As a "content consumption" device, it is fine but there really isn't much beyond the "ooh, shiny" factor when you want to do anything even remotely productive. I have found Dropbox works mostly OK but I can't comment on Skydrive as I don't use it.

Sorry, don't want hijack this thread any further.

I have one of these (NW) on the way from FastTech at the moment.

I think your chart is very well laid out - saved a copy for reference.

Cheers mate! Well done.

I copy them all into an “operating manual” file in Evernote on my ipad.


Hi Ouchyfoot

Are you using the "paid" version of Evernote? As I understand it, you can't use Evernote "offline" on the iPad with the free version. I like this use for the program and device but it is of somewhat limited use to me if I am not "connected."

I’m just using the regular free Evernote App.