Nitecore EX11 v2 PD Samsung LH351D 4000K 90 CRI Rebuilt

Samsung LH351D 4000K 90 CRI
Extra 2mm copper heatsink
New 18mm OP reflector
GITD LED surround & bezel
Piston drive mode switching
Green 6mm x 2mm tritium vial
Magnetic side
Shortened steel clip
Length - 75mm
Width - 22mm
Weight - 69g with 16340 cell
Max - 609lm OTF

I made a new copper heatsink from some sheet copper pieces and soldered in place.


GITD tape under the centering gasket and piston drive head switch ring construction.


Kapton tape on underside of the aluminium reflector, piston switch tube and copper tape holding the pill, reflector and glass together, this gives a better fit in the flashlight head and may help to conduct more heat.

The light has variable output ramping, this works by the tube inside the battery tube sliding within to compress the ring/ spring on the brass pill when the tail button is pressed. Ahead of it's time this one as it must be six or seven years old now?

EX11 v2 Review





Previously I had this as a triple XP-L HI v2 1A but I put those LED's to better use.

Beautiful. How much do you want?

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

How many hours of work did you put into this beauty? Thank you by the way for those great step by step creation pictures. Now, I understand how this GITD tape has to be aligned under the gasket for a great afterglow effect. :+1:

This probably will be put up for sale :wink:

Probably two hours work then another hour or so on the pictures.
I use various hole punches to cut circles out of stuff.
The GITD doesn’t show much in the pictures, brighter in real life.

Can’t wait for another CRX sale. :+1: :beer:

Thanks for the great photos of an amazing build

I like where you put the trit in the tail too :slight_smile:

EX11.2 are on ebay for cheap right now. (No Pocket Clip included on this version) Ive been playing with one, anticipating a mod to 219b 3000k 9080. Your pics are really helpful.

personal opinion after playing with one for a couple of days:
Im not in love with the piston pressure, it seems to want short batteries, (or unscrew the body tube part way).

otoh, The ramping UI is impressive, and the light is a nice compact size.

I would not give this light to a muggle, too many multi click features, that are inconsistent between off and on.

I often get unintended mode changes on the multi click features, and the UI has a tendency to go into lockout when holding the button from off. These are all things a muggle, and I, are likely to do, while fidgeting with the button.

The ramping is still awesome… Im not writing the light off… its a very interesting light, for a well trained FlashAholic.

Beautiful work! Your hand tool metal working skills are like none I’ve seen before!
I have two old ex10’s both with physically broken pills. I’d love to rebuild them one day, to bad there’s no way to get anduril onto them.

D10 w Anduril