I am addicted to CR123 size lights now.

the High CRI LED swaps made them brighter too :slight_smile:
win win

Five of the CR123 sized lights I posted, are 18350 compatible

RRT-01, TCR-1, Eye10, Eye10 TiC and PT-16

I like your list of ‘grail goals’ :+1: It doesn’t line up exactly with my own preferences but I’ve never thought to write them down in a ranked order either :disguised_face:

jon_slider, you ain’t alone in the 16340 quest :beer:

And there are some missing here, namely a Jaxmnve M3, another RRT01 (single led) and the other Convoys S2+ that are also 16340 lights! :smiley:

thanks pinkpanda3310
yes, my grail goals were fun to figure out
Im not sure I agree with them for all situations, depends on the application for the light
atm, the majority of my use is indoors and close range, so I am biased towards floody beams and lower lumen levels (mostly below 20 lm)

also my house light is Incandescent, which makes me notice and avoid green tint and cool white more than I do during the day, when neither green tint nor cool white is as glaring. In fact, during the day, I dont like my 3000k LEDs… but when I wake in the dark, I do

My N219b 4500k is my EDC, but I definitely enjoy my Warmer LEDs at other times

Note that my dimmed down sw45 in the RRT-01 (in the photo next to the brighter low mode of the HDS) does not tint shift towards green, Im really happy about that…

So for me, the ability to go sublumen is a higher priority than warm LED

of course, its fun to have choices… I edc both a sw45 and a warmer option…
E21a 3200k on the left, sw45 on the right

I blame you for getting me to buy an RRT-01
it has transformed my relationship with clicky lights, and made it easy to sell my HDS
I much prefer the UI and lumen range of the RRT-01

thanks! My wallet hates you… LOL

I hope you show more pics of your RRT-01 triple and maybe some side by side beamshots of some of your lights

Good decision Jon, you broke up with HDS, I think they’re totally overrated :wink:

And I’m also a fan of 16340 flashlights and I’m happy if they also tolerate 18350s! And since CRX also reads here, I would like to introduce my 3 “Made by CRX” 16340 flashlights which I also use regularly.
Novatac 120T with 3x Nichia 219c and H17fx driver, Novatac SPL 120 with Nichia 219c and my Maratac CR123 Rev.3 with 3x Nichia 219c and L4P LD-A4 3A driver, fantastic flashlights thanks to CRX :+1: :slight_smile:

Some nice lights there :-)

Definitely my favorite form factor, I've built/ modded more 16340/ 18350 lights than any other size.


There’s a lot more too but no pictures :smiley:

Shame on you :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve never seen the Trustfire Mini mod before! Sweet!
It made me think about the mod of the Nitecore D10 that I mentioned you on PM :wink:

Yeah, I’m looking forward to you doing that one, it should be great :slight_smile:

Did you build Maratac CR123 for other people or are all these pictures of mine?

They are all different lights.
Some other guys saw yours and wanted one of their own :wink:
I have made three different Rev.3 versions, plus working on another now.

That Black Triple w H17f is just an Outstanding package! Beautiful, sophisticated, functional art.

so are the other two :slight_smile:

@CRX Wow! I love your work.

I think I know someone that wants a Paladin and a Mini Turbo…

Im entering a Trit Phase… that promises to be expensive too… LOL

I have a few but I only use my Olight H1. I like to clip it to my shirt. I was surprised at how many people think it’s a camera of some sort.

Yeah tritium vials are great if you can incorporate them. Just one at the switch is enough really, but there are some crazy tricked up lights out there, no need to turn on for moonlight…
They seem expensive at the time but last for a good few years at an acceptable output level. Green for lights, red for blades.

Gorgeous! I’m jealous. :wink: I’ve got an early NovaTac 120P that I’ve kept as a bedside light for some time now (it has a Peu bezel with trits), and would love to convert it to a 219 Nichia triple… but I can’t get myself over the investment required, when it would easily fund something like a Zebralight SC64c LE or Jetbeam RRT-01. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I finally get free of financial stress.

I hear you about HDS. They do make a great quality light, but the price... At this point, they're just periodically upgrading emitters. Everything else remains the same. So R&D costs have long been recouped. They're just cash-cowing it. Same thing for Oveready. I think there's a portion of the flashlight community that is loaded with disposable income, helping to keep such enterprises going.

I agree, some of them are so seriously impressive to behold in dim light or darkness. But over $100 in trits… seems like such a waste. They will remain reasonably bright up to about 10 years then the fading is more noticeable next to fresh tritium. That’s not bad. But the unspoken problem is fragility. You really need to be careful about seating them deeply enough. I discovered one day that one of the trits on my NovaTac 120P went dark. Sure enough, the vial had been compromised. When I looked at it up close with magnification, I could see it had cracked. Even though the vials should be protected with sufficient optical adhesive, there is the matter of “settling”… I have to wonder if in many cases, the vials lay precariously close to the metal of the flashlight and just the right amount of force from a 3’ drop could induce enough shock to crack tritium vials.

Well, I couldn't help fully tricking out this one :)

Though I will need to be careful with it.

I have not completely filled the wells as I think sometimes this can help to break them, they are very delicate.

Holy thread revival Batman!

Robin, get in the Batmobile.