Nitecore TM11 $150.00 shipped @

Use the code "powered" to get $110.00 off the Nitecore tm11 bringing the total to $150.00 shipped from

nitcore blowing them out because of medocre sales due to poor quality control?

even with the discount you can buy TWO sky ray kings and some batteries.

too bad. bring back the nitecore D10 in an XP-G. ill buy two.

Just bought one with Borderlinx because they don't ship international.

I'll pay around 160€ in total. This torch still is 269€ here.

And I bet these are the flickery problem old versions they needed to clear out. Fat chance.

We'll see.

According to the version number listed on the product page, it is the very latest one available w/o the flicker issue.

+1.its the ver 1.12 (3rd revision,the latest) that is on sale at $150 and plus $20 shipping if outside USA.yes,it is suppose to solve the flickering TM11 is available in NW,and news of TM15 will be out soon might be the reason for the sale. some time back when HKE had the TM11 T5(NW) for sale. the T6CW model was immediately $30 cheaper than the T5 and now the difference is $50 with BLF/CPF member discount,while the T5 remains at $260.Price difference due to T5 led more costly? not by $50 for 3 definitely.believe the demand for the NW might be higher.I personally will prefer NW.If this deal is for TM11 T5, it will be perfect cos its not easy to change the leds.Doable but time point to note,It is reported that the latest version, the red switch light will remain on when the light is on.the previous 2 version,the red light is off when light is on.

I haven't found anyone with v1.12.1111 in NW, only CW's for that revision.

No NW for v1.12? Well, NW for v1.11 will do just fine too. Mine is CW v1.11, no problem so far.See that you have both TM11 CW n NW. Mind telling which version for both?Any issue?

No issues yet, CW v1.12 and NW v1.11 I really wanted a NW v1.12 but I contacted 6 different dealers and was told they only have v1.11 in NW. The funniest was batteryjunction, what a bunch of smucks they are, they told me in email they have no idea how to even tell what version they have, as it's not marked on the boxes. Yea that's really funny except on CPF their employee Mark sure has made some posts about testing versions and they are suppose to be a distributor for nitecore.

I told them how to check the version and they said they can't open the boxes nor the I said "Oh so you don't check the lights before you send them out? they said yes they do, yea so how do you do that w/o opening the box or puttings batteries in them?" NO replies I can only guess they have some old versions they are trying to dump on those that don't know.......bye bye.

Batteryjunction should be quite reputable. I am surprised that you encountered such services.I just received an email from HKE that they do have v1.12 T5 in stock but will deliver only upon request cos they prefer to sell off the v1.11 T5 first. I suppose they won’t give much discount or none at all for v1.12 T5.

Missed it!! It's $260 now :(

So the sale is over already? Wow! that was quick.

I just checked and the coupon still works. You have to apply coupon to see the discount.

The sale is still on and they say in CPFs that they have enough in stock and more coming in so they theoretically shouldn't run out on them.

I ordered mine on the 4.4. and the order's status is "pending" since then. I don't have enough 18650s for that thing anyway so I don't care too much but am I excited - YES.

Comparing this light to the King is in my opinion ridiculous. The TM11 is a brand light that is reliable in it's newest version. For 50 bucks less you get a Fryray, yes but I would not trust this thing to be dropped on concrete, dunked in water or have good quality threads and electronics.

Since I got my TK70 some weeks ago I kinda gave up buying too many cheapo lights. I started my collection with a SF 6P with Q5 and that light lasted and was reliable up until it's retirement 3 days ago since I use my Maelstrom X10 now daily. So after having the DRY and J12 and other cheap lights I decided I'm going to invest my money in quality brands only from now on.

The TM11 seems to offer what I want from a flashlight like that while the DRY didn't make me too happy and anything from Skyray... well I stay away from that brand generally until I know how to upgrade such lights to a maximum level of quality myself.

Gun Safari has the TM11 v1.12 back in stock.

Just ordered one for $150 plus shipping $20 to Australia =$170 sweet deal, Thanks for the heads up Jettemaus

I finally did it. Couldn't resist the discount. My wife better not be home when it comes!!

You guys that got yours, how did they ship and how fast did the lights come?


I like the TM11 size and the fact that it's a floodlight, plus the discount still works. The new ones will cost a mint.


I will also buy the Tm20 when it becomes cheaper......I must admit it is getting harder to hide my collection of flashlights from the wife.