no more banggood for me

I thought I would share my experience with bang good.

I ordered the solarstorm sc -aa model a few months back in xml2 neutral white… i received xml neutral white… this was a big deal to many members, but not to me since an aa xml light isnt too much different from xml2… honestly i would rather have a light with xml neutral than xml2 cool white.

I bit the bullet and contacted bang good about a sc03 in neutral and was provided a coupon. I ordered one.

today i received a sc03 and its cool white xml2

i wont be buying anything ever again from bang good. this is 2 orders in a row theyve f*ed up. not acceptable

its a $12 flashlight …. so who cares about the money really… but i wont order from them again because how do i know they wont screw up a $50 flashlight order?

they are going on my “ugly list”


another vendor get on your shit list again :open_mouth:

yeah… im done with them… i really dont even care about the $ ive sent them for orders in the past…it is what it is and theyre cheap budget lights…. as far as im concerned they cant tell their rear from their elbow and should just be avoided… they only want to make a quick buck and deceive anyone they can

i got a bad experience too with banggood when i ordering C8 Q5 but they send me XPE version and the worst is the reflector is plastic |(

i might file a paypal claim… just out of spite and to be a pain in the *

and oh wait… yeah i didnt get what i ordered the last 2 times

My first experience at BG was very bad… is not yet completed.

Thanks for the heads up. Looks like they’ll be missing out on some future business from a lot of us.

They need to call all of their staff into the main office (or wherever) and explain that sending someone the wrong tint is the equivalent of sending someone the wrong product, because I really don’t think they understand this.

There are two scenarios in which it can be argued that the wrong tint is no big deal:

1) when the flashlight is being purchased for purely practical purposes and is therefore still fit for those purposes
2) when the flashlight is being purchased by someone who doesn’t really care about tint anyway

But working under either (or both) of these assumptions demonstrates a complete failure to understand the nature of the flashlight enthusiast. The flashlight enthusiast isn’t just a flashlight user, the flashlight enthusiast is also a flashlight collector. And collectors are very particular about the features and specifications of the items they collect, because that is what collecting is all about. Collecting is also a lot about following particular themes derived from personal preference.

TL;DR: we tend to care a lot about tint bins. In fact often we care about tint bins more than we care about brightness bins. So try harder to get the damned tint right, or don’t bother offering different options in the first place.


The last two flashlights I bought were actually better than advertised. The SF3 NW from the hkequipment group buy is just phenomenal and the SF5 NW from Wallbuys does have a different tint than advertised, but it’s a happy wonderful accident that it’s much warmer than neutral. I don’t own a SC52 but there’s no way it can be as good as the SF5 I got. So, they can feel free to give me something better than what I asked for, with service better than I expected. Just don’t give me consistently worse.

At least you got lights from Banggood. My first three orders that seemed like great deals went straight to backorder and stayed there until I cancelled them. They were really good about giving me the refunds—no harm, no foul—but it wastes everyone’s time when sellers play games like that. I’ll show a lot of patience for the distance and language barriers, but that doesn’t make me their b*tch. I have too many options to put up with that.

I was in the pretty much the same boat with a NW SC02 I ordered from them. After over half a dozen email exchanges (which ended in them promising a full refund) they just came back to me & said they never promised one. They then went on to offer me a partial refund of $1 for their mistake.

Obviously it wasn’t about spending $15 & getting a light I didn’t need but what got me was their GREED in desiring to make a profit on a light which they probably wouldn’t have gotten many (if any) sales on. Afterall this is a ~3 year old LED we’re talking about. That’s what their $1-$2 partial refund offers tells me of about them.


In the last year we have bought quite a few torches and batteries from Banggood, ranging from pricey Nitecore TM26 and Nitecore SRT7 (2 off)…
…to many cheapy Ultrafire “zoomies”…

But the last 2 orders have had lots of problems…,
…and in particular the last order has been bad news (all delivered items are the Wrong items, and even some Wrong items are Faulty)….
I then contacted Neal, and after we exchanged a few emails….,
…he requested a photo, which I then sent to him 8 (EIGHT) days ago….,
……and he still has Not even bothered to answer….

Unfortunately, it seems Neal (Banggood) Only does the talk, BUT does NOT Do the walk….

I have now lodged a PayPal dispute for Banggood.

And we will not be buying any more from Banggood, UNLESS they VERY QUICKLY and PROMPTLY fix the screwed up order. |(


Thanks for the heads-up

I placed and order with BG last month for 5 items, the total cost of which would entitle me to registered mail with a tracking number.

Without consulting me, BG split the order into 2 separate orders, and because the total cost of each (sub-divided) order was under $25, they shipped it by ordinary mail (no tracking number). This to me is not right. My original order included tracking number, and it should have remained that way.

When DX split my order (partial shipment) in Feb this year, they sent both shipments with tracking number, since the total cost of my original order was above $25. This, to me, is the correct way to do things. In fact I’m very happy with my last 4 purchases from DX which arrived within 3 days of being shipped! They use their own courier (not Singpost!) which is far better.

I think I’ll be avoiding Banggood as well :expressionless:

When I ordered a Convoy L4 and got a C8, I sent an email to their customer service. That didn't do it so I mentioned it on these forums and Neal wrote me and after exchanging some PMs and a photo, I finally got the L4. So Neal does pay attention and can get the problem solved.

Unfortunately getting orders wrong seems common with BG. Its got to be costing them. Not only dollars but customers.

That was my first and only order with them. And while I appreciate Neal helping out, it doesn't give me much confidence.

i tried to be patient with them and give them the benefit of the doubt, but my patience has run out - so i will take my cash elsewhere :slight_smile:

I am Very Happy to report that Neal (Banggood) has processed a PayPal credit/refund for the value of the entire order.

My sincere thanks to Neal (Banggood) for doing this. :slight_smile:

Best Regards,

Update about my first experience. They have scammed me.

That doesnt surprise me in the least. Please post your experiences in the rating bangdick thread. BTW, I think Banggood translates to “grossly incompetent” in Chinese.

hmm …seriously? not trying to defend them… but you don’t want to give credit where it’s due?
You got C8 instead convoy L4… and then they sent you another L4 and get to keep C8 too… is that not enough to give you more confidence? :expressionless:

I wish they keep on making mistakes like that with my orders… then I’ll have more lights for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Today I sent PM to Neal BG for coupon code for Crelant 7G10.

I saw the price is $89.99 for many days.

He said : Sorry, this is the lowest price,because I just found we set the wrong price,I’ll change the price above $100 tomorrow.

Try me to order now???

No No No…

No more deals……