No review of Wuben E01 yet?

While window shopping on BG website, I stumbled upon this E01 AAA flashlight from Wuben.

It looks pretty great but I couldn’t find any review elsewhere yet. Perhaps any BLF members has any info about it? I’d like to know if it’s comparable to Lumintop Tool AAA in term of build quality.

Was wondering about this too! Still haven’t decided to go for one or not, so I’d like to see a review first to decide (and get this month’s payment too :FACEPALM: ) !
I hope some member(s) that bought it can give us some hints on that :wink:

no love for AAA lights :smiley:

I’m starting to feel some love but I will not be able to love them if noone shows me them O:) :smiley:
(on this particular case, I guess I will love the body, but not the way it “shines” if you know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue: )

Has anyone received an E01 yet? I ordered from Banggood on 25 July and it shipped on 9 August.

I have been eyeing it, it is a handsome little light, but it is slightly larger than the Tool AAA, while I wish for a AAA clicky that is a bit smaller than the Tool.

got mine yesterday from my groupbuy (9.99)

Hum, wishful thinking for DQG, maybe? :wink:

Yes, but I very much prefer aluminium lights.

Hum, gotcha!! However, if one thinks of “mini” lights, they came to my mind!!

This wuben, the olight and other clicky AAAs are quite “big”! I’ve been carrying the twisty Nitefox K3 and that size is ideal for an AAA! I wish it had a clicky switch, too…

EDIT: @ djozz, perhaps is not aluminium, but it is one of the smallest AAA with rear clicky (has comments from a buyer) :THUMBS-UP:

It looks interesting ^:)

My 2 E01’s arrived today. Body and clip are almost 100% identical to the AAA Tool with the exception of the glowing ring and the shaved down metal around the tail cap (both on the AAA Tool) Looks like both started out the same and the Tool AAA was cut down on two sides around the tail switch.

Tail switch is almost identical in feel and function but they sound slightly different when clicked.

E01 always starts on low-med-high. Double half press quickly and you enter blinky mode

Tool AAA always starts on med-low-high and no blinky mode

As far as the tint goes, my completely UNscientific opinion is that the E01 is cooler than the Tool AAA. When I compare the two tints side by side (on a white wall) the Tool AAA looks more towards the NW end of things as oppossed to the E01 that is clearly CW. E01 has a yellowish ring around the cool spot. Tool AAA gets a little warmer than the E01 when run on high for several minutes but neither got really hot

Overall, I am happy with the E01 and it is a great value (bought in the GB)

Comes with a Duracell AAA, 2 O rings and a keychain clip with a good spring in the gate

Not sure how to post pics, sorry. I will try and answer any unscientific questions as I do not have any measuring equipment

EDIT - one more thing. On the Tool AAA you can remove the clip and put it on towards the head (reverse). On the E01, the knurling occupies the space towards the head so you cannot place the clip towards the head of the light as with the Tool AAA

very nice explanation, Itsme :THUMBS-UP:

I have 3 Al Tool’s and a Cu one, I’ve learned to deal with M-L-H, I would much prefer a L-M-H. But what I really wished Lumintop or in this case Wuben had done differently is the clip. Might have to try this one…

Just my observation (may not be scientific)…

I’ve noticed that Wuben’s lights almost always are cool-white, sometimes very cool-white (almost near bluish…), eg. the Wuben LT35 and Wuben L50 which I’ve checked out. Even the Wuben TO46R triple XP-G3, that’s supposedly 90CRI is also cool-white…

The only non-cool-white Wuben appears to be the special groupbuy (organized by the) Wuben TO46R that uses true 90CRI XP-G3, which is neutral-white around 5000K.

Wuben seems to choose cool-white, maybe because they are “brighter” and non-flashaholics like the “brighter” cool-white tints. I say “non-flashaholic” for Wuben’s market because many of their flashlights have built-in micro-USB port for recharging, and their flashlights more often than not come bundled with batteries too.

(maybe unlike Sofirn, which seems to have settled mostly on the neutral-white tint for most of their flashlights, although the neutral-white Sofirn chooses is a bit cooler, more like 5500K). Wuben’s cool-white tint flashlights (at least the 3 or 4 different models I’ve checked out) seem to be closer to 6500K (again subjective observation while comparing with other flashlights — I notice Wuben’s flashlights that are “cool-white” are a bit cooler tint than other brands flashlights labeled “cool-white”…