Noctigon Meteor M43 - Stainless steel bezel & tail cap

I just received my stainless steel bezel and tail cap for my black Meteor M43, it adds up to a total of 600.5 grams.

I bought from TaoBao

stop making us jealous!
delete the thread if you care for the keyboards/notebooks/tablets/phones of other BLFer that would be wet in drewl if you don’t :smiley:

I believe either Aliexpress, I-O or MTN will be selling this soon. No need jealous :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice! Now when are they coming out with that pocket clip?

Nice Meteor.
I hope i will get one some day

I wonder how long. They’ll make them? I thought it was a limited run only.

Please do not expect to receive the tube faithful perfect cheese Kazakhstan, we cannot do this…?

Noticing that the site selling the SS bezel also sells the M43, I was pleased to discover, with the aid of automatic translation, that reference is made concerning the defects RMM warns about in his posting and site. Similarly, the price is also slightly reduced. One has to wonder why IO maintains their pricing, without any mention of the slight defects apparent in the finish of the Meteors currently available.

After mentioning the imperfections early in the product description, another statement appears for those interested in ordering. You have to love the way the Google translator handled the task…”Please do not expect to receive the tube faithful perfect cheese Kazakhstan, we cannot do this.”

What sort of price is this looking to be?

Would definitely like a set….

The translator shows the bezel and cap at $7.65 US
The Meteor shows a price of $166.20
Shipping looks to be free

That looks gorgeous! Honestly, I'd love to see that bezel style on the Q8 SRK.

FYI. My M43 bought from this seller a few months ago at the same price in RMB (that time 1 USD = ~ 1.35 SGD; 1 SGD = ~ 4.62 RMB). The advertisement pictures were printed with the logo of I-O, therefore I believe this seller most likely is I-O in TaoBao:-)

The shipping is not free to oversea.
I paid RMB39 of shipping cost for 1x M43 + 4x LG HG2 18650 to ship to SG address.
Additionally I paid 3% extra credit card charges, end up higher price than I-O:(

I am interested in two sets myself. Hopefully IO or Mnt Electronics will carry a batch. I was thinking of ordering from the above link(Taobao) but the site made me feel a little uneasy for a couple of reasons.

I didn’t know there was a problem with the anodization or defects in the light. The original price was sort of around there, before it went to the 178ish price most people have bought it at.

It’s mostly obvious in the white M43’s. Uneven anodization, some tiny scuffs. Mostly annoying things.

Thanks… I had no idea.

On a side note. I wonder how many of noctigons they’ve sold. I think the original run was about 300 or so?

Hank from IO will know for sure.

From MTN Electronics Commercial Seller Thread on March 26, 2016
Regarding posts 6308, 6309, and 6310

saypat wrote:
question: why is Richard discounting the (white) Noctigon Meteors by $7.50. I thought white was one of the chosen colors. Plus he offers this light as a ‘bundle’ with 4 cells. One can get this bundle for something like $183 shipped! I never got one of these but it sure was and is at the top of my wish list! Never thought I would like a Meteor coming my way :-/
RMM replied:
The white ones do not have a perfect finish. Check out the pictures in the listing. I have exaggerated the “two tone” finish on the battery tube with lighting to show the worst case scenario, but it is definitely there.
From the listing:
The white finish shows more marks and imperfections than the grey finish, so please keep this in mind when ordering the white. Also, some of the white battery tubes have an almost “two tone” anodizing line part way up the battery tube. Please see the two pictures of the white host before ordering! I am offering a small discount on the white bodies due to the imperfections.

Easyrr wrote:
Richard, I assume you get these from Hank, right? What is his point of view? Is it a faulty batch or a different manufacturer’s first attempt? It’s really hard to believe this did not ring the bell at his side when the parts were shipped to you, and to keep up the good reputation of the Meteors should have been exchanged immediately after you noticed something went wrong.
RMM replied: I am not very happy about it, but unfortunately this seems to be the typical Chinese way of doing business: good initial quality, followed by poorer quality, with plenty of excuses. Hank knew about it and told me in advance (after I had already paid for the lights), so I am not very happy right now, especially about the white ones, but at this point I still need to sell them and will have to deal with getting reimbursed later.

Yep, since then I got a two tone white from Hank. Mine is not as bad as in Richard’s pictures, you can barely notice the difference. I think this two tone thing was always there but not that visible, at least that’s my conclusion after checking roughly all the pics available on the net about the M43. Other thing: don’t expect a perfect machining either, but also minor stuff on mine. Hank told me a couple of months ago that none of the ones that had been on stock were perfect. I am not aware if his statement is still true or not. Performance wise I can’t complain and it’s a kind of it’s own light I am in love with.

Thanks for the info guys.