Not to make a big deal of it.

But I’d like to wish Dale all the best today. Get well soon buddy.

hear hear
dang how could I have missed it was today :frowning:
Thanks MRsDNF!


Wish you the best outcome Dale!! :THUMBS-UP:

Best of luck dale

Dale, Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery to a life with no chronic pain

I hope they give you good drugs and that you don’t need or like them too much.

Heal well :THUMBS-UP:

In my prayers Dale!

Get well soon Dale, everyone’s hoping a speedy recovery for you

Best of luck! :slight_smile:

Which Dale is it? If its the Dale that likes shiny things, I think he will be fine.
If its the Dale that likes to mod shiny things, best of luck ol buddy… ^:)

I think I owe you a jar of spicy pickled cauliflower or fiddle heads or something… sorry I am a slacker. If you still want some, picklin season is about here

Dale, praying this is the surgery that gets rid of all the pain and gets you feeling like a million bucks!
You deserve it, you’ve helped so many, tons of good vibes heading your way!

I don’t know if anyone was updated on the outcome or what have you but………

He was in surgery about 6 1/2 hours best I can gather and his wife said at around 8:30 PM / US central time , that they were back home and Dale was doing OK.

He may be already getting back to his stubborn self by tomorrow :smiley: (all in humor)

Wish the best for him and his wife both through these times.

Thanks for the update robo. :beer:

No problems

I hope that you have a ” Speedy ” and a very successful procedure .
Please let your wife administer the meds also , so that it is as pain free
as can be. Time to be a pussy, not a cowboy.
Best of luck .

Good luck, Dale!

Best wishes for a good recovery Dale…

Dale, look for the light at the end of the tunnel! Best….