NovaTac 120T Triple Nichia 219C - H17Fx - 18350 - Tail Clicky

Stock Light:
Low - 40lm
High - 122lm


On to the moddin'...

There is no way these drivers will come out in one piece, had quite a job breaking it out as it is fully potted in hard black resin.

Aluminium heatsink filed into shape to fit the fit the internal contour of the flashlight head and make contact with pill insert, potted in place.
22mm brass tube cut & filed down to fit inside the aluminium pill with brass mounting ring inside for 17mm driver, all soldered to contact board.
2mm thick aluminium disc installed in pill. Copper contact soldered to driver board.
Another 22mm brass tube section cut for optic/ MCPCB surround to support O-ring, fitted in place.
Copper tape around pill for snug fit.

Cut out slot for new clicky switch in switch board, soldered in place.
Brass ring soldered onto board, spring attached, wire bypassed, potted.
Felt lined battery tube. Reassembled.


NovaTac 120T - Triple Nichia 219C 5000K - H17Fx - 18350 - Rv Clicky Sw - 2300lm.Triple Nichia 219C D320 5000K on 20mm MTN DTP MCPCB
10507 Carclo optic
22mm x 2mm ARC glass
Cyan GITD glow disc
Dr Jones H17Fx driver
Reverse clicky tail switch
18350 cell compatible
Length – 86mm
Width – 26mm
Weight – 96g (with 18350 cell)

I have it set up like this for the moment:

Mode 1 - M/L - Level 2 - 0.1% - 3mA
Mode 2 - 35lm - Level 12 - 3.0% - 95mA
Mode 3 - 260lm - Level 18 - 25% - 760mA
Mode 4 - 1010lm - Level 22 - 100% (8x7135) - 3040mA
Double Tap Mode - 2300lm - (Level 24)

Quick test:
0s - 2300lm
30s - 2117lm
60s - 1827lm (Hot!)


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So I don’t know what to say, my Novatac just got fantastic :laughing: I really don’t have the words at the moment but that’s because English is not my mother tongue :wink: But I’m thrilled what you have created, everything I wished for has been realized, perfect :+1: Thank you very much!

Cool :slight_smile: :+1:

Impressive!!! :beer:

Excellent mod … :slight_smile: I’m a long time fan of Novatac.

Nice. What clips are those?

……I was just about to ask :slight_smile:

Lower clip was made by Moddoo (Titanium Engineering). Excellent Titanium clip.


Beautiful mod.

:+1: , :beer:

Sweet job CRX. Coppet your very lucky, this is a great light.

Awesome build as always. Need to add a Novatac to my collection.

Novatac clip from Prometheus Lights … :wink:

I asked HDS if their clips fit a Novatac, they said no
Our current pocket clips will not fit the Novatac - the diameter is too small. The clip ID is 0.930 whereas the Novatac requires an ID of 0.950.”

That is actually an HDS Clip.
I gave Prometheus the dimension of the Novatac opening, and asked if they would enlarge the hole for me.
They said no.

Oh well … sure looks like the clip from yester year. I had mine mounted on both my Novatac and HDS yet did not notice any slop in the fit. Seems like a little dremel tool action would open it up a skosh for the fit.

I stand corrected.


Great mod CRX. Nice to see a Novatac with more output than a 2 dollar AAA light.

Wow, fantastic mod.
You have gifted hands, CRX.

thank you for sharing info

that makes sense that your Moddoo Titanium clip for Novatac also fits HDS
the difference is only 0.51 mm and the Novatac version has the larger opening.

[QUOTE=Moddoo]The difference in the clips is the size of the hole.
The Novatac clips have a slightly larger hole to allow them to fit over the slightly larger tail diameter.

You can put the Novatac clip on the RA/HDS, but the RA/HDS clip will not fit the Novatac.

It may take a little careful centering of the clip as you tighten the tail or head, but it will work fine.[/QUOTE]

You are very fortunate to have one of the discontinued Ti Moddoo.

I agree a little dremeling could adapt an HDS Clip to fit a Novatac

A design similar to the Moddoo clip, called the decorative clip, is sold by HDS, in both Silver and Black, but not Ti
Unique Titanium also sells the Black decorative clip, plus a Titanium option that looks similar to the Prometheus Lights version.

The Clips with the hole that fits HDS are available:

black decorative:
black and silver decorative here: HDS Systems: Accessory: cClipCDS

Titanium from Prometheus Lights aka : Search: 1 result found for "hds" –

Titanium also here:

fwiw, I believe there are 120E in stock here

Im not affiliated, just sharing info

here is a review that explains some of the differences between a 120T and 120E

I believe both can be made to behave like a Programmable 120P, using the 250 click back door. Im happy to help unlock Novatacs, if needed, PM me.