Odepro Hunting Flashlight B58U Product Review

This is the product review of B58U which is the first hunting flashlight in Odepro Outdoor Company.
Product Introduction

The appearance of B58U has the typical brand style of Odepro. Among the Odepro products, we can find that they are good at designing the flashlight round and simply. Its visual effect is different from the acuity of XENO, the effectiveness of Nextorch, the regulation of Fenix, the simplicity of Olight, the skillfulness of Jetbeam. It all depends on personal preferences whether it is beautiful or not. In terms of practicability, you deserve to have it.
Firstly, lenient cooling phosphorus of the head makes the light more stable when using it. As far as I am concerned, the inverted function of the tail is practical, it is suitable used indoors when power cut. Secondly, B58U is a tactical flashlight, which means it will light up when you touch the tail button. In order to make it more convenient to operate, there are gaps on both sides of the tail. Finally, the coarse and short hand strap can pierce in any diameter.

On one side of the flashlight, it is printed the logo of Odepro. On the other side, it marks up the positive and negative of the battery. In my opinion, this design is necessary, extremely for the new users, it can help them to install the battery correctly.
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Let’s see the size through pictures below.

Three level hard oxidation prevents the oxide layer becoming too thin or too thick. From this we can know the company is standard. The technology of slightly scrub makes the touch feeling more comfortable, while the smear resistance need to be improved. The oxidation feeling is similar to C8.

Product Details
Here I cited 2 pictures from Odepro’s website.

As can be seen from the pictures, B58U was designed with the integrated circuit warehouse to guarantee the stability of LED lamp when working under large current.

From the picture, we can see that the oxide layer on the radiator has been polished by the manufacturer, and there showed the color of aluminum alloy itself. Thought there are many manufacturers adopt integrated circuit warehouse, they did not polish the oxide layer, thus against heat dissipation badly.
Besides, we can also see that the LED plate was fixed on the radiator by screws. There was filled with radiating silicone grease between the lamp holder and plate. The manufacturer placed much hope on B58U.

From the picture above, the LED circuit board was sealed in a protective plate, and it could not be separated by common tools. After consulting, the manufacturer told that this part was not allowed to be taken apart or refitted by customer to avoid something dangerous may happen if any client did so. Thus I did not separate this part. But we can learn from the official data that there were eight 7135 constant-current circuits welded on the LED circuit board, it can provide 2.8A steady current to guarantee light output 760 lumens. The positive spring was connected with the circuit board by 3 welding spots, one more welding spot than other similar products. Here I would like to give an explanation: excepting for protecting the current board and battery, the main function of positive spring was to prevent from shaking fiercely under earthquake.

The picture above was the flashlight body thickness measurement of B58U. Well, I’m sorry that I have no professional caliper. Through measuring, the thickness was over 2mm, it was much thicker than other general flashlights.

The figure is a rectangle thread of the B58U, and the thread seem exaggerated, but to ensure the smooth feel of the flashlight when we tighten it and the conducting reliability.

The above pictures are the switch dismantling map of B58U. Why I want to separate out this part to show it, because the thick switch fixed ring and stocky pillars are so appealing to me, I put out it so that everyone can admire. Now I show you some of the internal components of the image size.

Testing Effect
To be honest, when the first time at home to use the B58U, I can only see that little spot. I was a little disappointed and even frustrated. But thinking about it, B58U originally designed for field hunting, I should not use it indoors. When I go to the hill to use B58U do the test, i was indeed attracted by its long-range effect. Its concentrating effect is very good, irradiation distance is very far away. And it is fully capable of night hunting, search and rescue, the forest protection and other outdoor tasks.
See below pictures.

On this below picture, the left is B58U, the right side is the Blazers C8

Here are a few pictures which contrast B58U and the car headlights, and let us look at the concentrating effect of B58U.

The Comparison of NightShot between B58U and the Blazers C8
(Link: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNzQ2ODI4MzYw.html )
B58U is first work in good faith of Odepro, it use solid materials. Manufacturers pay attention to details. I think the only downside is that the circuit 7135 is too general, expect manufacturers in the follow-up work can develop a more efficient and more functional circuit.
Through the evaluation, the final evaluation that I give is : B58U has ultra-high stability, suitable for night hunting, park ranger, security, patrols and other people who need long-distance illumination at night.

Nice light and i love the look :slight_smile:

I think I want it due to the lenient cooling phosphorus. Great review though, looks like a nice light. You also have the best c8 ever made to compare it to. Pioneer C8 is the king of c8’s. But this light being reviewed looks nice.

I bet you have not seen this .

Edit: this NOT Odepro or Pioneer.

Good review for yor 1st post.
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That’s a long spring

Oh no. You cut one of those beauties in half???

And this is tactical flashlight, especailly its tail button.

Thanks for your post Lily Tan. Welcome to BLF! :bigsmile:

I have a few suggestions:

  • I agree that the 8 x 7135 driver providing 2.8 amps needs to be replaced. May I suggest +4 amps in your future iterations? You might be able to work with other BLF members to assist in building a custom driver to provide those current levels.
  • Get rid of any SOS or strobe modes. Build your drivers with ultra-low, low, medium and high modes with memory. Again, there are BLF members who might be able to assist.
  • I would also suggest not using any glue or sealing methods on the flashlight to allow the owner to completely disassemble the light. This is how many lights in this category are sold to us, and it is what we demand. Gluing/sealing the flashlight will definitely limit your sales potential, then many of us will not buy it. Many of us (including myself) will want to modify this light in the future and swap in our own drivers and emitters.
  • You should offer this light with Cree XPL HI emitters to increase the beam distance. The reflector is designed for long range, and the emitter I just specified should increase the range dramatically over the XM-L2.
  • The emitter should be mounted on a copper mcpcb board with a direct thermal path (DTP) between the emitters thermal pad and the board. This will help prevent a significant loss of lumens as the flashlight heats up.
  • Increase the metal thickness in the head from this:

To this:

Do you have a sales link or a delivered price in USD?

I like the thick floor plate and heavy tapered side walls forward of the emitter. It looks to have an awesome thermal path. Which one is it freeme? Link please? :bigsmile:

I was done by the designer. He is trying to show you something...

Hello, This is their official website, you can visit it. If you want to buy, please contact them.

Thanks for the review. :slight_smile:

What payment methods do you take? Thanks for the review.

Thanks for the review! :-)

What struck me is that there were a lot of words spent on (for us flashaholics) common knowledge, and not one word on the outstanding deep reflector, which will produce a very nice large hotspot :-) . That one fact makes this light stand out from the rest, it not neccessarily better, but certainly different.

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Sorry, I could not help myself and deviate from the topic when phsinvent mentioned "King of C8". That model is a rare breed and I am overly excited because it is a few improvements that flashaholics have always wished for. Unfortunately, I am not going to disclose my model soon. No need to ask for details.

Odepro is a well made mini thrower and well-liked by many of our members including me. You do not need to feel offended or whatsoever.

Give us a good price on your superior made flashlight and Crom will bless your children!!

You go to their official website to know much more about the flashlight. This is their website. http://www.odepro.com/English/