Official East Coast Snow Storm Thread

It looks like 20 inches of snow and Blizzard like conditions this weekend for some of us easterners !!

Better get those growlers filled and batteries charged!

Lets see who gets the most!

Remember to rush to the store and buy a flashlight in case the lights go out.

Maybe a $3.00 model that uses D batteries, wouldn’t want anyone here caught without a flashlight.

Eveready two pack incandescent ,one red and one blue!

Bring it on!

Got two of these I have been wanting to use.

Wow, not again. In the last few year’s it’s always on the news in the UK.

Over here it was forecasted that we would have a cold, snowy winter. On the east coast so far we’ve only had 1/2”.

The snow over in the US when it comes down looks to be relatively dry and not wet and slushy snow with the temperature being so cold. How cold you get it over there is frightening with the wind chill, not nice for the elderly and wild animals as they cannot find the food they need(animals).

It’s around 5 year’s since it was like that in the UK, it was good at the time when taking the dog for a walk as she didn’t get dirty with everything being frozen, not easy getting the car out of the drive.



No joking at all, shovelling snow isnt good for your health if you’re not fit. Heart attacks are common amongst those of the right age if you don’t have a healthy heart and lungs.

I heard about this last year. Be careful, easier said than done like many thing’s. I would be at risk.


The wind is the troubling thing, snowy trees fall often when weighted down with snow and ice.

Nitefighter 300 Lumens Ultra Bright LED Lantern w/ Built-in Flashlight - Blue
by NITEFIGHTER\_=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00
I have one also and think that it is a good lantern, who else makes it?

No idea, they kind of disappeared.

They are not even sold under Revtronic name now.

I hit 3 really good snow showers driving home today, about as heavy as we ever get here. One forecast model says we may get 6”- all it takes to shut this place down is 3” and we don’t see those but maybe once every three years. Just a trace sticking right now, who knows what will come? :~

I’m set as usual, coffee, reserve power, heat, food and water for me and the doggie no matter how bad it gets. If we get more than 3” I’ll have to clear the roof; it’s rather flat and weak. People here can’t drive in the rain without crashing. Being on the road with the idiots in the first 2 days of snow is suicidal so if it’s bad I’ll be right here till they’re all in the ditch or body shop lot :stuck_out_tongue:

Saw a “Trane” heat and air company billboard today- outside of a house and yard covered in snow, the sign says “Dear Mother Nature, Bring it on.” Yep, that what I was thinking.


Not far from you! looking forward to being stuck at home this weekend.Just hope it waits until my wife gets home Fri. afternoon. I’m betting school gets out early on Friday.Planning to leave work early just in case.

i remember this

We got a little ice today- knocked power out where I was working early. Mixed crap all day in small amounts. Not bad to drive in if you’re brain worked, luckily most folks didn’t drive today. It started snowing decently about 9PM, stopped now at near midnight. Looks like we’re up to 2” (51mm), maybe getting more tonight.

I’m sure somebody has gotten more than this- who’s next in the thread?

In other news…

Good luck guys, stay warm!

Where i’m from originally, we just enjoy it.

14 inches or powder for me so far this morning.

It’s finishing up here. Not too bad, an average ‘heavy’ snow for us, rarely get more than this. And the nice part? It will all be gone in a couple days :bigsmile:

Gotta love the South!

We’re done with it here for now. About 6 inches of snow. The snow is fine by me, it’s the quarter inch of ice that I don’t care for.

Of course all you northerners are used to it.

It's a full blizzard here - the dog who loves the snow, is a little taken back from all the wind.