ok, I'm really HATING Anduril at the moment!

Is there an easy way to reset it to default?

My deep carry pocket clip turned up for my Noctigon KR1, so I thought I’d try it out. Clip fitted and torch in my pocket. I’ve only been in the house in my office watching some vids or on the internet and also went and made a cup of tea.

Some how the F*&king thing has not only turned on and tried to burn my leg. It has also reprogrammed itself.

Lights designed like this are COMPLETELY SODDING USELESS!!!

It seems to be in a stepped mode. I assume aka Muggle mode. 6 clicks seems to bring it back to ramping mode but I have low output and even lower and no turbo. WTF!!!

Hoping there is a quick easy way to reset to default, else this will be going in the rubbish bin. What a piece of of crap it is.

Factory reset - 13H
Click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click & hold

Factory reset: 13H from off (click 13 times and keep button held on the 13th click)
or loosen tailcap (to break circuit), then tighten tailcap while holding the button

send to me

it’s hard to imagine how it got so messed up

it sounds like the ceiling and floor are set wrong, but that takes like 5000 clicks to get it that way

muggle mode would not burn anything, 100 lumens is the max
also it is not stepped

you could fix it via the directions, if it is not broken

reprogram ceiling and floor

or maybe it is in mug mode now
like i said that is only 100 lumens max and no turbo
try 6 clicks now
then 3 clicks to go from step to ramp

your ramp mode CAN have different ceiling and floor than step mode, i think

anyway there is no magic reset all that i know of


-what he said “Factory reset: 13H from off (click 13 times and keep button held on the 13th click)
or loosen tailcap (to break circuit), then tighten tailcap while holding the button”

I recommend reading the regular instruction manual for anduril, not the flowchart. It sounds like that would help you understand the UI better.

That ramping mode you’re going into is muggle mode. Muggle mode doesn’t have a stepped option.

Remember to lock out your lights if you’re carrying them in your pocket and they’re easily turned on!

I’ll take it off your hands! I love Anduril. It really doesn’t take long to get used to it. I lock out all my Anduril lights with four clicks as a matter of course and it’s a good and quick habit to get into. I also program the two different levels you can access from lock out so they’re usable (moonlight, and around 10 lumens). If I need more that that, quick four clicks.

It sounds like you turned your light on, did three clicks to take it into stepped ramping, then you’ve done 6 clicks to put it into muggle mode. You need to do 6 clicks, then once you’re back in stepped, 3 clicks to put it into smooth ramping.

To Factory reset, Losen Tailcap, Hold Button, Tighten tailcap, Hold 3s

Seems to me like all you had done before was changed it to stepped mode (3C while on)
But now you have put in it muggle mode.

So just 6C while of to get out of muggle, then 3C while on to return to ramp mode.

And if you are going to carry a high powered small light, learn to use the lockout mode, it’s there for a reason…

Lights with Anduril aren’t useless, they are more useful as they have more features.
Maybe if you could be bothered to spend 10 minutes looking at the UI diagram and learning how it works you would see that, It’s not rocket science.

Join the club. I love Andrul. As I have mentioned too many times on this forum, if I have to carry a manual with me , it’s worthless.

Our lights are not toys, they are tools. If you needed an instruction manual how to use a hammer, it would not be much of a hammer.

Having said that, I praise the continued development of Andrul, without it all we would have is on/off.

Reset to factory default is easiest done as ctrlaltdel said

Unloosen tailcap, hold switch. Light wil ramp up flickering and stop.
And voila, its reset

But yes, especially when things like that suddenly happen, its very annoying.
But that doesnt make Anduril crap, it did exactly what it had to do, but you were unaware of it.

if you’re just trying out the clip, why not lock it?

As I mentioned in a thread on the SC31 Pro, I managed to get mine into muggle mode without realizing it. Probably the only thing holding me back from this as a perfect gifting light. Factory reset is really easy. UI is actually fairly easy as well although it does take a bit of reading and experimenting to get comfortable with.

Works so well that one can forget the intricacies of how to configure it. I did what the OP did (I think) and then forgot what I should have known — that it was just in muggle mode. Would have been rather easy to take it back out of that but I thought the light was just seriously messed up. It was actually me that just simply forgot. In any case a reset gave me the opportunity to configure it just the way I wanted it and now I would probably have to go back to the manual if I wanted to change it again. It just works and works well.

Not sure what would happen if I gifted it to a friend and this happened to them though.

I can see how some people would dislike the extra complexity of Anduril, especially if you aren’t a tinkerer to start with. I could probably go without all the fancy extra modes… but of course you don’t have to use them. I do REALLY like the basic UI, though. Click & hold for moonlight. Double click for turbo. Click for memory and ramping mode (this is the rare exception where I do like memory). In other words, easy moonlight, easy turbo and easy ramping. Plus the voltage check is really nice.

I’m not as much of a fan of the stepped alternative because I generally don’t like a click&hold to cycle through steps. Dunno…

As far as the mentioned SC31 Pro, not sure what other lights have this same programming, but if you loosen the tail or head (mechanical lock out) when you turn the light back on into ramping mode it defaults to 150lm (IIRC) which is a really nice “base.”

I have also experienced this. Is the clip loose at all? If it is, it also means that the switch sleeve inside may be loose which can cause the KR1 to turn on by itself. I fixed this by backing off the head and tightening down the tail first. Once tail is tight and holding the clip so it doesn’t spin, then tighten down the head. I also change batteries by removing the head. not the tail. Same goes for the Fw3a.

EDIT: Disregard most of this. As SammysHP pointed out this is only relative to the Fw3a and not the KR1.

I understand the pain. I have the same problem with the lumintop headlight but now it seems stuck in muggle mode I don’t even know how but its much more easy to use. The firmware is way too much complicated to use with just one simple button. Accessing the lock mode is almost impossible for example and it will get stuck in momentary mode…

Thanks all.

Really not sure what mode it was in, I think it had reprogrammed a lot of parameters and was mostly unusable as a flashlight.

Reset by unscrewing the cap and holding the button in while screwing it back on. Wasn’t expecting it to work as the KR1 has an extending inner tube for the contacts and unscrewing it results in it flashing and strobing. It doesn’t lock out very nicely. But thankfully it seems to have ‘fixed’ it. :person_facepalming:

I guess I’m not really hating Anduril, but without access to the web I’d never have figured out how to fix the bloody light. Such a shame it was so easy and unintentional to end up in such a situation.

As for the KR1 it really is my favourite performing light. But sadly completely unusable as a carry light or EDC. It truly is a steaming pile of garbage!!! Which is such a shame given how good it is, bar the one thing making it fit for purpose.

As I’ve said many times before, locking out the light (by any means, although mechanical isn’t even an option) is NOT a fix. It is just a super poor and highly annoying workaround. But not one that suits my sort of use at all. This problem impacts other badly designed lights, but the switch on the KR1 seems somehow far more susceptible to this problem. Even with the deep carry pocket clip.

And the shame is. If I can’t carry it as an EDC. The KR1 becomes completely redundant and surplus to requirement. Because if I have to lock it out and carry it in a coat pocket, I’ll take something K1 or FT03 sized instead. Surely the entire point of a light the size of the KR1 is to be able to carry it! :question:

The KR1 and KR4 have a spring for the inner tube, so this is not necessary. They are also designed for changing the battery from the tail end.

The way I did it was to unscrew the tailcap, press’n’hold the sideswitch, then rescrew the cap while still holding. It’ll do something funky with the front light, and when it goes out or blinks or whatever, once it’s settled down, then it’s reset to factory spec.

I typically do that with all andy lights, just in case.

Do you think the clip help a little with the accidental turn ons. I also think the kr1 is a fantastic edc. But mine also turn on as well. Where did you purchase that clip?

And yeah to what others said. Nfw would I gift any andy light to The Muggle. They’d set their houses on fire and hate me forever.

For The Muggle, the UI is a minefield, period. A few errant presses, and they hopelessly mangle the light beyond use.

An analogy I used was having a car with the parking brake control right next to the wiper control. One day you’re tootling down the highway, get sprayed, want just one swipe of the wipers to clean the windshield, then bam, you’re skidding to a stop on a busy highway as the parking brake engages.

Of the types of sequences, say operations (on/off, ramp up/down, moonlight etc.), modes (manual/auto memory, ramping/stepped, etc.), and config (temp calibration, floor/ceiling, etc.), they should be progressively harder to get to, but too often they’re not. And worse when the same sequence of clicks and holds does vastly different things whether the light’s on or off.

If I need a manual to figure out how to do X (or worse, how to undo X), imagine what The Muggle might go through.

And lobotomising the light by setting it to Idiot Mode isn’t an answer, either.

Whups, ya missed a click.