Ok, so what's the skinny on HDS lights?

They look like a nice, well-built light. I’m curious as to why the $150 price tag for an EDC has people lining up like they’re going out of style. Any current owners here? I was curious after that IS thread popped up, I had never looked into them or heard much about them, until I did a little digging.

From seeing a few CPF threads they look like a better zebralight, but made in the US. Is that accurate?

I own three or four, at one point I had six.

There programable, choose four out of a possible 36 or more modes (if memory serves me right)

Incredibly sturdy, made in USA, lifetime warranty, and these lights are calibrated so there’s no discrepancy in brightness. There rumoured to be able to withstand an EMP pulse, though how to test that I’m not sure.

The term you get what you pay for applies to these lil fellas

Would anybody have a pic of a size comparison of a HDS against a couple of popular lights like a solarforce p60, Zebralight sc52?


Heck, all my direct drive lights are EMP proof. :stuck_out_tongue:

For size comparison
Solarforce,McGizmo Mule, Jetbeam Rrt01, HDS120, Surefire c2body with 6pd head and tailcap


True, but these lights have more going for them than that :wink:

HDS is not for the budget minded, there for people that like having a nice light and not having to buy another. Have a backup or two for the occasional warranty work and that’s it.

I’m not one of those guys, but I do love the programability, the nice tight beam for the size and the bulletproof bomb proof feel and quality. There not bright enough to be my main edc light but
HDS, the light that’ll get you home

Thanks for that :slight_smile:

Thank you for also asking the question. I'm also somewhat stumped by these lights.

Welcome Matt :smiley:

No problem!

Thanks for all the responses guys. They sound like a really great light.

The second light from the left in this pic, is that a HDS light also? I am seeing the black ones like in the middle of the pic, and others like titanium ones like the second from left. Are these both HDS lights? Thanks for the help, I have been wondering about these for a while now also.


The second from the left is a McGizmo Mule. McGizmo lights are highly customizable, and cost as much as an HDS, if not more. You can find some McGizmo Ti Mule at 415+ $ and McGizmo Makai for 550 $. These are clearly not budget lights :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s only 1 HDS in the pic, it’s the 2nd from the right.

It’s so purrrrrdy :slight_smile:

-Jamie M.

Oh I see, thanks. Beautiful lights.