OL 2020 quick reference [warning pic heavy]

Here’s a quick one page refresher of all the entries in the 2020 challenge along with a few judges comments (yeh, i asked them specifically for this reason :stuck_out_tongue: )

Scallywag - “As Scallywag eluded to in his build thread every plumbing light seems to have it’s own unique look”

MtnDon - “…beautiful hand crafted items… and practical”

gchart - “Like a Nasa engineer playing with toy rockets, he makes it look too easy”

CNCman - “Wow! Who ever thought of a see through flashlight?”

FearOfTheDark - “Looks very effective for it’s intended use”

lumenzilla - “…does he hold he record for latest entry with fastest recovery…?. :laughing: ”

JoshK - “I actually like how smooth the beam is on this”

grin - “I love the go big or go home mentality of this guy”

Rdubya18 - “This light seemed to just keep on evolving”

G0OSE - “Goose exceeded my expectations”

ReManG - “…great effort. These are surprisingly hard to mod due to the lack of space… as ReManG found out :laughing: ”

YuvalS - “…some day in the future there’s going to be a commercial caving light available with Yuval’s name on it :laughing: ”

Mieciu - “That underwater video makes it look like the bees knees”

domasleo - “Possibly the coolest looking retro light with the latest V8 engine”

Skylight - “This light has a really tidy finish to it”

djozz - “Viro-blast with a batman signal. This thing can save us all! :laughing: ”

MascaratumB - “Pale wood + pyrography + leather = I love it”

EasyB - “The (lite) weight of this light is a remarkable achievement”

Sunnysunsun - “This is totally in line with Barbie Jeep / Power wheels modifications :laughing: ”

tterev3 - “…makes you wonder why this type of light is not more commercially available???”

Wow, really tough to pick a winner. Excellent work all.

Wonderful idea and execution Jason ! :+1: :beer:
This would be Great to do for every years challenge. :sunglasses:
Every member is a winner, Congrats everyone :smiley:

Nice gifs. :sunglasses: They do take some time to load.

Every build is unique and has its own purpose. Well done everyone! :person_with_crown: :+1:

Cool :person_with_crown:
That’s a good sum up on the images!
Thank you for taking the time to put them all together and also for getting the judges opinion :wink:

Also, thanks for the judges for taking the time to “judge” our work :wink:

I appreciate the words given to my mod too :blush:

To all the contestants, nice to be on the same boat as you and I am glad for having learned so much in this year’s contest! I’m not sure I’ll ever be to go to your levels, but I’ll try :wink:

:+1: :beer: :partying_face: