old to new

i myself made a led lantern

it was an oil based lantern but i changed it to led

cool light for nights

It gives you a royal and dreamy moment when you wanna use it

Sounds interesting. :slight_smile: Can you post pictures?

yes of course!

here are two images of it when on and off :

Nice build.


when oil is available just give out LED and battery and just do fire the wick so it will be on

but it is very better to use it with led to have light

That’s a great mod!

That is cool! What batteries are you using?

i have used an old nokia phone li-ion battery with the size 3*3 centimeters with the voltage of 3.7v at 1amper

:slight_smile: I’ve done that too!

be careful about li-ion batteries thus if any mistake like short circuit appears then it may cause battery explosion or fire burning.

Sweet mod. Thanks for showing.

Cell phone batteries have built in protection. No need to worry about those.

Nice mod, though im scared to put lithium and fire

In close proximity

Nice work. That seems to work quite nicely.

That is really cool! I'd love to see some close ups of the LED setup and battery and how you make it easily reversible.

see how i assemble it

it is very easy and fun and i have taken a lot of pictures, here are those pictures


another my product is an old flashlight which uses an incandescent bulb plus two C size batteries

i changed the incandescent torch bulb with Cree XR-E white color LED and put in that a Li-ion battery in size 3*4 centimeter 3.7V 1A

i made a handmade charger via capacitors and pool diodes to change 220 V AC to 220 V DC and use a 400V electrolytic capacitor at 200 micro farad and use a DC motor to convert 220V DC to swirl power and use another DC generator like that motor and connect motor to generator directly and when power on charger DC motor start swirl and it even swirl DC generator it produce almost 1 watt energy(6V 250 mA) connect to battery via a rectifier diode this is for that the battery never swirl the motor because diode block the power of battery and then when ac power connected battery get charged and synchronous the LED give power to brighten it meant you free to use when it is in charging and when charge gave and take LED to brightness release

even battery if full charged get out AC power socket and work with it perfectly until battery get discharged and charge it again while you use it


i want to make an mechanical power supply to provide power of LED bright or all thing that take battery to work

let you know that i thinks an cranker connect directly to spiral spring when you crank the spiral spring almost spiral spring become twisted at end point and give your hand arm energy in to potential energy then it keep by an micro toggle if you release the toggle the spiral spring it got to the first situation strongly and swiftly then i wanna to connect big gear then connect big gear to little gear and little gear to smaller gear until the spiral spring power get from strong and powerful and swiftly into extra high more round and quickly swirl it let spiral spring give energy tranquilly and instead of fast and less time swirl into sluggish and more time swirl via the gear system end gear must be connect to DC generator

when you crank the spiral spring you give it your energy then the toggle keep thats early then when you take out toggle your strong potential energy sent to generator in long time and until generator swirl the power of led provided so when you see led get off it mean

the generator stop swirling then you crank the main spiral spring again will give you another arm power to bright LED or supply any gadgets

it is good to remove batteries in all gadgets like cell phones even laptops or any electronic instruments at all

i cannot to execute my idea because i have not necessary requirement equipments to do that job

if anyone do that job and industrialize it meant help greenish to the nature and earth

never every one lost

no need to cut trees

many of energy sources saved

and a lot of issue .....


let me to show you how we can snatch free energy for all long life almost it give you electricity energy at all moment and it not need to recharge at all and you never pay energy cost for all consumer

see this topic about permanent magnet motor and generator connected to that:


when can i pickup a heavy sinker from your shoulder with impression kindness