Olight recall


Roh Roh, that could be a lot of different flashlights today.

Yes it could. +1

If the govt gets involved we could end up with only 100 lumen lights being sold. Or encumbered with so many safety features that it will take 5 minutes to turn the light on.

Oh jeez. This is what happens when you market enthusiast-grade performance to everyone. You won’t catch anyone with a Emisar/Noctigon light complaining about burns. They’d know it was their own fault for being careless.

Does anyone know if these models had built-in temperature regulation?

In this case it seemed to be that the tail switch was over sensitive and could activate with things like keys placed against it (but not being pressed), possibly related to the magnetic charging design.

Ohh that makes sense. That eases my mind a bit.

I hate overly sensitive tail switches. By now, given how long so many of these flashlight firms have been in business designing and producing flashlights, this is unacceptable. A switch isn’t so complicated. Mechanical or electronic. How can one get it wrong, especially with a company like OLIGHT?

Of course, one should be able to employ a lockout, but that can be inconvenient for some owners. I wonder how the switch the M2R Warrior compares to other OLIGHT flashlights.

But I have to ask, why didn’t OLIGHT didn’t incorporate a step-down feature triggered by excessive heat? And if you want to override, maybe a menu item to override it temporarily if the need calls for it.

215,000 units recalled.

In such a large group, even if everyone is "smart," sooner or later someone will screw up, and, in this case, get burned.

Not a good look, not for Olight, and not for flashlights, in general.

the recalled lights have proximity sensors, right?
that apparently were not able to prevent the burns…

so… with the new model, is the proximity sensor what they fixed, or something else?

No, the proximity sensor lights came after these lights. Interestingly the proximity sensor isn’t on the new Warrior 3 which makes me think the switch may be less sensitive.

They do have a temperature controlled step down, but that is to prevent the flashlight getting too hot rather than heat from the light beam which as with all high powered lights can burn holes in things rather rapidly. They added a proximity sensor in later models possibly to mitigate the risk of the over sensitive tail switch.

Just don’t use pants made of polyester!

Problem solved!


On the yootoob, there’s an ad touting a flashlight whose beam can fry a egg, instantly cause paper/something to burst into flame, etc.

I always click on the [skip ad] box like 1ms after it “turns”, so I never bothered nor cared to see what it was, but apparently they’re selling ’em to anyone’n’everyone.

I just want the clips before everyone sends them back…Olight has some of the best clips.

So how’re those recalls supposed to work? You mail it back on your dime and only get store credit?

Frankly, I’d rather just keep my O-traFire and say screw it.

Thanks for clarifying. Weird… making all that effort on a proximity sensor when all you need to do is either stiffen up the switch action or provide a raised bezel to help block accidental activations. I take it there’s no physical lockout? I watched a video on the M2R Pro and it only covered an electronic lockout.

Someone, Streamlight?, Suefire?, someone, had an “intellisense” or something which did that, ostensibly to keep you from blinding yourself if you shine the light on something close to you.

Someone’s probably gonna be paying some steep royalties if they use something similar.

Truer words were never spoken! :person_facepalming:
The “government” screws up everything it touches.

A prime example is the idiot proof spouts on gas cans these days. They are an abomination!
Only the government could come up with something so completely useless. :rage:

IF flashlights go that way… we are done.

I was thinking of the spouts when I wrote the above. The idiot proof spouts are pretty much impossible to use and end up spilling more gas than you can get into the car/generator/whatever. Better to just use a siphon and/or funnel.

Luckily I still have 10+ 5 gallon gas cans I bought 30 years ago.