[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ιοο̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] Olight St Patrick's Day Sale US/CA: Early access 3/12 8PM Eastern. Win an Arkfeld ODG (mint)

The Olight St. Patrick's Day sale
US: https://www.olightstore.com/s/30KYZ9
Canada: https://www.olightstore.ca/s/UDTV26

Chance to win an Arkfeld ODG (mint) with a minimum order of $20

This is why I love Fenix. 20% off for new customers always. No VIP nonsense. You don’t need to wait for fathers day to buy a light.

Come on Olight, get real finally.

I'm a Fenix fan as well, but Olight offers 15%-30% (on Amazon, for example) from time to time after Flash Sales, but Flash Sales is where you save the most.

It was so hard to buy a light in this sale.

No part of your website works, I had to paste the real url for cart in order to checkout. You need real system engineers, I could help.


Could you provide some examples of bad links? Thank you.

All of them, I had multiple items in my cart, couldn’t check out, couldn’t buy now. You need a devops engineer. I tried multiple browsers, incognito, with and without sign in. You could pay me to straighten it out. Are you just hoping it all scales from one vm?

Sorry to be harsh, but I am trying to give you my money and it was a maze. You missed out on metric ton of cash.

Well Canada gets the short end of the stick once again. First we get only a couple items from the USA sale. Then the flash sale gets delayed again. The American customers are getting all sorts of neat free gifts like holsters for their baton premiums, spinning tops and cool new patches. I’d be shocked if we saw any of those things. I shouldn’t complain though lol. First world problems.

Also, Fenix makes nice lights but their UI makes me sell them every time I try to like them lol

Those WM2 elements design sucks big time. All of them are STILL available. Unlike first WM these didn’t go well. Cheap chinese design in tactical light…c’mon.

Free tiny light .. if you pay the $5 shipping .

So free is a matter of opinion

Free if you're buying other lights ..?

Sort of free ..

Want one X9R Cell!

Hope they’ll be available in Germany, too. BTW, a ‘free’ blue i3E is currently on offer on olightstore.de. If you’re registered already, you need a new email address tho.

The light i free, but shipping is not free. Shipping is free for orders of $49 and above.

The free i3E blue is nice looking. https://caolightstore.idevaffiliate.com/idevaffiliate.php?id=195&url=1426

Canada site has some better deals than the US site, plus a lot more things in stock https://caolightstore.idevaffiliate.com/idevaffiliate.php?id=195&url=1427 . The grip ring for the Odin lights, for example, are cheaper than the one from the US store :-) I'll pass on the word about getting more freebies for the Canada store.

As for Fenix, I have the TK11 TAC and it's great :-) It's the one with the dial on the tail that you can use to switch between UIs and lock-out mode.

WM1 aesthetics are better for sure. I have to give them credit for trying to be creative though.

First report of this for me. You should contact cs@olightstore.com.

Website is still totally wonky for me. Works better in chrome than firefox (where I can’t even login), probably something in my browser cache.

Last night’s order charged my paypal but didn’t show in my account. Chatted with support and they were very helpful. They got the order into my account so I get points, and added the x9r (which I could not check out with last night).

Do you have the latest Chrome? If yes, have you tried Incognito?

X9R blue or the X9R Cell? The Cell is perfect for action figures :D

x9r cell. Free open 2 black also. Yes, firefox and chrome are both latest. Very strange the order processed with me logged in but didn’t go into my account. At least chat was available - all fixed!

Thanks for the update!

I checked out Monday night, USA store, absolutely smooth with zero problems of any kind, Firefox, and it shipped yesterday priority mail.

I have major troubles using your website through Firefox. When I go to logon, the button quickly changes to saying, “Loading” and I cannot click it. I have to catch the “logon” button within the first half second of the page loading.

I too could not load my cart. I could click the checkout button from the little drop-down cart only.

I didn’t try the buy now button.

Once I did place my order, it did show up in my account without any problems.