Olight TC15 Ti Battery Tube Build

The Olight TC titanium flashlight comes with two battery tubes, one for a 14500 cell and one for 16340.
I have only ever used the light with the 16340 tube and the spare had been sitting in a box for a couple of years.

This seemed like a waste of good titanium so... 8^)

I filed out the tube to accommodate a 16340 cell and drilled a hole for a 16mm reflector in the end cap.
I used a pill module from an OTR M3, added a green LED for the lighted switch.
Still has the red LVP indicator.

XP-L2 HD v4 3C on 16mm KD DTP
ARC glass, Brushed reflector
M3 OTR driver
Lighted electronic side switch
Magnetic tail
Graphite aesthetics
Max - 730lm OTF
67mm x 21mm
Weight - 64g with 16340 cell

Olight TC10.

A-W-E-S-O-M-E !! (please don’t hit the spam-button :wink: )

wonderful mod. Not even a mod, a full build.
Thanks for making DIY flashlight building into an art!

very very nice!
lol those super small cells.

:thumbs up:

Your lights make me smile.
The beauty, the art, the craftsmanship and the love that you put in to it.
That is wonderful to see.

Thanks chaps :+1:

For that kind of money, it’s good you put “all” the parts to good use. Nice job.

Thanks, i bought the set second hand for about £15. Think it sells for around £45 now.

This light is so beautiful!
And I like the loader. Are that magnetic boards?

Thanks, yes two magnets to keep the cells in place.