On the hunt for a pocket rocket

As most of you know, I had an interesting experience with a Thrunite Neutron 1A recently. It went back to the dealer. In short, if I now order a replacement, it seems to be a 50/50 shot of whether I end up with one with the same problem or not. Plus, with Thrunite's lame explanations and excuses, without actually offering to fix the problem for owners, I am a little bitter about Thrunite and I can't decide if I want to part with another $53 to Thrunite again. For a $20 light I wouldn't care as much if I got a crappy light, but I have much higher expectations for a high price "brand name" light.

So with that said I need to figure out alternatives. So far I have not been able to figure out any other light that does everything I want the way theThrunite does so I may be stuck. Here's what I'm looking for:

Noticeably brighter than my UF C3 SS on 14500. Don's figures say it does about 250 lumens OTF at start up and I do have the same 93mm version, so I'm probably looking at needing a minimum 325 OTF. I figure on the eye test a hard driven XP-G pusing 325+ lumens probably may seem as bright as the XM-L Neutron because the Neutron is so floody

Its pocket carry and I've found that 25mm is about the max diameter that I've found workable. This automatically rules out all p60 options. For length, I prefer no longer than 105mm, but if I need to go to the 115-120mm range, I may do it.

I don't want to get yet another different size battery, so I want to keep it to either 14500 or small 18650.

This is a big one and probably the biggest problem: a usable low mode. I'd go as high as 35 lumens if necessary, but definitely no brighter than that.

I'm a little bit of an oddball and prefer strobe in my pocket carry, but I'm wilign to sacrifice this if all the other requirements are met.

I've been looking at a ton a different lights and so far haven't found another one that fits everything. The Xeno E03 XM-L would have been perfect, but it has no usable low modes on 14500. The Yezl Z1X seems to have the same problem and the quality control seems to be highly suspect. The Ultrafire C303 is not quite bright enough. The Ultrafire P10 also is not driven hard enough for the high requirement. I wish the Trustfire T2 was 20mm shorter as it would have been perfect and damn does it look good. If Trooplewis's draw figures are right, I would have the high and low I needed. It seems that some people have gotten Trustfire R5-A3 that are pulling 1.5amp on li-ion. If true, that would give the output I want, but it sounds like a lottery. Don's figures only show 292 lumens at start-up for his sample, so it is a little short on output. You also run the risk of getting one without the real low it seems.

Any light that I am missing?

I’ve got an Itp SA1 Eluma R5 and it is a nice, bright light with a single AA or a 14500 (near 300lm with this I guess). R2 version should give slightly more throw.

How about a Shiningbeam S-Mini, it' really an awesome light and it easily as bright as my R5-A3. My Yezl Z1 doesn't have a low enough low, but my R5-A3 pulls 1.6 amps on high from a 14500 and 1.8amps with the XM-L conversion.

Tenergy T70. Rebranded ITP C7T, and if you're in the US you can get it off of Amazon for $20 Link

Has a decent high on NiMHs and supports 14500s, and a nice low mode, with a ramping mode for custom output arrangements.

I already have the ITp c7. My C3 is brighter on 14500 so nowhere near what I'm looking for. The R2 SA1 is under 200 lumens on 14500 so I can't really believe the R5 version would put out over 300 lumens otf. Can you give me a tailcap reading? It will need to be pulling about 1.5amps to get there.

The s-mini is a possibility. Can you give me a tailcap reading on that?

the R2 sa1 was tested at 248 lumens over at CPF running on a 14500..the R5 is much brighter and competes with my lights that are ~300lumens...I get around 1a tailcap draw and an xpg r5 at 1a is ~350 lumens..an xp-g at 1.5a is getting closer to 500 lumens..

I'm talking OTF lumens. an Xp-G R5 at 1.5 will give you about 470-490 at the emitter which means only about 350 otf. At 1 amp, you are talking about 250-275 OTF which is no better than what I have. I have seen other tests of the R2 model that indicate right around 200 lumens also at cpf, so can you direct me to a link of the test at 248 lumens in a lightbox that would help. The Thrunite is tested at 450 OTF on 14500 so I really want something that can at least come close to that kind of output.

Does it have to be readily availabe to buy or can you do some mods by yourself? S-mini is great little host for DIY pocket rocket. I have XML'ified S-mini that's driven with 2,8 amps and that is one sweet light. It's also flashed with custom program, so it has very low low, stobe, SOS, beacon and every binky mode one can hope for.

Not a budget light anymore, as host is ~40$, emitter about tenner, driver around 5$. But in my opinion worth every penny.

Standard S-mini pulls 1 amp from tailcap and is very well regulated. It will keep pulling that one amp untill battery runs out.

Yeah, that type of modding is above me right now. I don't even have the tools to do the work right now.


how about the xeno e03 with the xml. I also wanted a thrunite 1c but this one came along and ive been happy with it on 14500. its pretty floody and lights up really bright. 3modes but no memory so always mid low hi.

Yeah I put that in my OP. It has the high output, but low is about 90 lumens on 14500 which is just too high to be usable. It would have been a no brainer otherwise. There's other things about that light that make it very appealing as well, but without the low mode, it can't be the all purpose pocket light that I want.

Ive got one of the nitecore ex10s that boaz is selling and even though they arent that high in the lumens department they are still pretty bright with 16340s. i believe over 200lms. as for the xeno, ill probably try it with qtc when i get a pill. good luck!

ITP or Maratac AAA - running a 10440 ... Small and powerfull .

Same again with AA - They really get boosted with 14500

If you want real power , you want XM-L ..

So far I have moded a Ultrafire A20 to XM-L , and its simply amazing ..

As well my Trustfire F20 [XM-L T5] , AA - 14500 , its great on a AA , on a 14500 it's just as bright as my A20 ...

I have a feeling I am stuck with Thrunite at the moment unless I wait for more XM-L lights from other companies. It'd take a hard driven XP-G for the 325+ OTF lumens and there just is not much along that line in a pocketable light that still preserves low output. Pretty much everything people have suggested I've alredy looked at prior to my posting and none seem to meet all my requirements. I wish someone had real lightbox numbers on the ITP SA2 R5 version on 14500 as that thing is built much better than most of the other budget choices.

old4570, did you swap out the driver when you put the xml in your A20?

That xeno e03 looks great. Any idea of the current that thing pulls on high? A light like that with a clip and properly driven would be awsome.

Get an Ultrafire WF 501A mini-host, it uses a cr123 or a rechargeable one. Cost about $6 at Manafont or DX. If you want to spend $20 you can get the Solarforce one but it has a much wider head and that is important to you. The Ultrafire mini-P60 is quite narrow.

Get a $14 XPG .8-4.2v drop-in, smooth reflector here


Presto, perfect EDC with a ton of throw, very bright, and about 4inches long. I have one and just ordered 3 more hosts to play with various drop-ins.

You could use this light with an XM-L emitter if runtimes and heat are not a big issue for you...

Ive got the UF 3mode from mf in this host and its pretty good. don't really use the high unless i really need it.

I just thought about the N-light B2S. It sounds like it will put out over 300 lumens. What do you guys think of it. Also, more expensive would be the n-light B5, the super compact 18650. Have no idea on output, but they have a version with strobe which woulod make me happy. I think spambot has one so maybe he can comment on it.

N-light B2S... If anyone wants my opinion on this light they have to pay me ... or ric from cngoodqualiy can give me free lights ..it doesn't have junk disco trash and has a perfect tint and beam and is a great light for tons of reasons .. go buy one and if you don't like it ...sell it for -10 bucks less and try something else . this really isn't rocket science ..I'm waiting forever for old 4570 to get his version so he can prattle on in a review ,saying the same thing I've said a 1000 times with photos added too .. if that's what it takes to sell a light or for someone to part with 30 bucks than it's all too much for my poor brain .Buy it you'll like it ....will it be the perfect light ??.. hey i doubt you're even asking all the right questions anyway and if it met all your criteria it would make you crazy in 4 other ways you never thought of ..If you're looking for a perfect light ..it doesn't exist or costs more than 50 $

sounds like you need to learn to do a simple mod.

Me to Boaz , waiting for ever to prattle on about a B2S ...

Trustfire , only did a emitter swap .. Has factory driver , same with the A20 , must be direct drive on Li-ion .