One More for the Road? Holiday Giveaway from MRsDNF & O-L - We have a Winner!

The winner is: ruffles





Takes one 26650/32650

Giveaway open to any member who has joined On or Before December 1st. 2013

Giveaway Ends on December 18th at NOON Central Time. Your post# is your lucky number. Hurry!!

Merry Christmas from Steve & Justin

A chance to win that beauty? I am in.

Thanks for doing this, guys. Y’all are part of what makes BLF a special place.

I am in :slight_smile:

In, thanks

I'm in thanks

im in, Thanks OL

Wow!What an amazing light!Thanks for the chance to enter.

Oh my! I am SO IN!

I’m in.
Thanks Steve and Justin.

I’m in, thanks.

I’m in too. Thanks

That is perty, Thanks for this one!

Never entered a comp here before, but I can’t pass up something like this.

I am in!

Wow! I’m in, thank you both very much.

I am in. Thank you very much!

i am in , thanks.

Beautiful light! Please count me in…

This is getting crazy!!!
So many give a ways!!!
Like having a on line Santa :slight_smile:

Beautiful machining and beautiful mods. I am in!

Thank you both of you.