Oops!... I Did It Again!

I think I need an intervention or flashlight rehab of some kind. LOL I'm still waiting for my flashlights from DX so the other night I was surfing flashlights and was looking thru GoingGear.com and ended up buying a NiteCore SmartPD D10 SP and an iTP Light A3 EOS.

Then last night I was at ShiningBeam.com wanting to buy some extra o-rings and lanyards. Then I remembered how Al loved his Romisen RC-N3 II and so, you guessed it, I did it again. I think I really need some kind of professional help.

What do you guys think? Embarassed

Hey bud you dont have a problem at all man......your right there with us.......we all have an addiction.

A well payed job maybe

Well, my first piece of advice would be: don't ask winos for help with your drinking problem.

You're getting a nice collection going. Is there a Mrs. fishinfool that has any say in any of this?

LOL I think I'm gonna try and put a limit on the amount of flashlights I buy but it's just so damn addicting. Frown

We all know what your going through....just glad my wife doesnt mind at all.