Orange AA host?

Where can I get a Orange AA host and parts kit to build a light ?

You can bake just about any black body and it turns burnt orange. I did it with a propane torch
a few years back. Don’t have it anymore, so no pix. There were several posts last year on baking the hosts to change the anodized color. Hope this helps.

Hmm, ok well I would like to build some light that uses 1 AA battery for my girlfriend. She doesn’t know much about batteries and I figure a AA light would be perfect the only thing is the host needs to be orange. So for now the focus can be on a AA host. I could buy the nitecore z1 but would rather use my mad skills and build her one :slight_smile:

nice offering from what I hear……

A baked flashlight can be made out of any black anodised flashlight of which the body parts can be singled out and baked in a very hot oven, or using a propane torch. The colour comes out in this range, so no bright orange:

How hot and how long till it starts to change color on ha3 inside oven

I’ve just “cooked” a Convoy C8 and a Convoy S2, timing and temperature are different for every torch, time depends mainly by the weight of the torch beacuse it have to became the same temperature, cook the flashlight assembled for a better thermal diffusione and for have better resoults.
However the S2 start toi change color after 3 minutes on the fire of the smallest cooker

Does that change the color evenly? Or must it be cooked like a hot dog on grill, moving it in circle for best color look etc

Just leave on the dire, if you see different colours is for a bad heat diffusion

grazie amico

I’m interested to see what color the S2 turned out since it started Gray instead of black

Look it turned tan

Its even tanner now after 4 min. It’s not going orange tho….

Will post photo ASAP

wow, is that as white as it looks? Is that a solarforce tube? does it feel different?

Somebody should try it with a new Red S2+ to see what that does.

Yea solarforce extension tube
Just did a cheap solarforce host

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I've done a few cheap hosts like this and got good results using the broiler setting on a toaster oven. Various shades of copper/bronze. I attempted this using a light blue anodized host (the S-R6 host Manafont sold) and it didn't change much. The color lightened slightly but that was all.

I've also used this technique to color-code the bezel ring on a 501b to differentiate between hosts.

from left “cooked” C8 body with black bezel, cooked bezel and black C8 and cooked S2

the S2 is a kind of very light gold

Is that a gray s2? Still looks gray…