hello, best driver for osram 1mm red (CSLNM1.23) around 1.5-2A using single 18650? continuous use on C8+.

5 or 6*7135

thanks, but what do you think about the heat with the low Vf?

I’d use a buck driver.

which one do you recommend?

I gave you an answer here.

Any new experiments with the CULPM1.TG ?

I found this on youtube, ( i dont understand a word from it)

Hmmm, he’s using a fet driver. That’ll be great if it can handle it

Simon (convoy store) has listed this new beauty C8+ with osram KW CSLNM1.TG 6500K https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001400455356.html

Max range: 748 meters (140kcd)

I got 915m range at 4.2A, 700 lumens, and Convoy are using the 5A driver so it’ll do better.

I wonder why the rating is so low

Everyone should mention candela rating and not meters… ANSI standard? Well it kinda sucks… Mine 280 kcd light for me has usable 500-600 meters beam distance(depends on the night)… This is individual stuff. Cause there are areas with ultra dark nights where ansi measurements can actually pass. But it mostly won’t pass. So I don’t take only the beam distance as a relevant data… Candela rating tells much more about light so if candela rating is true and “right” by my personal experience I can estimate throw by my night conditions…, and if 140 kcd is true that is around 200-250m of usable light in mine area…

They convert perfectly back and forth. Neither measurement tells you any more or less than the other. Just take 2/3 or 1/2 the FL1 throw based on how much intensity you want at a given range and there’s your real-world throw.

In fact candela ratings can be deceiving since it requires exponentially more to increase throw, whereas doubling FL1 throw from 100m to 200m will have the visual and practical difference you would expect.

I saw on the first comment they’re discontinuing the CULNM due to lack of sales. Does anyone even sell a light with the CULNM LED? Sadly my hands shake too much to do any sort of soldering or I would attempt it myself.

Well I hear you both. I sort of lean to luminarium iaculator's perspective, as I also prefer a luminous intensity rating because effective throw depends on the ambient light intensity, and also on our expected over the target light intensity.

However I also understand throw is directly proportional to the square root of luminous intensity, which means there is no direct linear relationship between intensity (candela) and throw (meters).

I do not think that is deceiving, as I understand it. The same applies for anyone knowledgeable in the matter with a minimum of expertise and/or mental agility. This is key.

I could also seriously mess with the way luminous intensity is defined, but overall I guess the actual problems and reasons are often rooted in common people's stupidity and caused by smart people pledging to their uneducated wishes.

BTW, has anyone tested Boost HX already? How does the performance scale compared to CSLPM1.TG?

I’m anxiously waiting for this, too. At the rate these are becoming available in good bins, budget LEP will be here

Simon Mao will put one in a L21A with an 8 A driver soon and share the results!
Eager to know the results, if they are any good i will certainly buy some parts

Simon listed 2 new 4040 DTP copper MCPCBs for osram KW CULPM1.TG, 16mm and 20mm.

16mm: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001416992562.html

20mm: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001417023203.html

Simon tested the CULPM1.TG on L21A got this result, it looks impressive