Without precoolimator lens that will be very tiny die projection. But it should throw…

But did led4power sold a CULPM1.TG (Boost HX)? As far as I know I could only get 3030 CSLPM1.TGs from them, and the bins I posted above are for the 3030.

I don’t think so, he announced them and published them, but they were never available, since they were very hard to get.

For now they are available and when Simon sells them on a copper board and has the 4040 gaskets available, i will definitely get some and swap it for the LED4Power DTP with 3030 W2 in my L21A, should be awesome!

Mystery bin Boost HX from Aliexpress (seller also claims to not know bin). They came loose in static bag. Not “cut from reel” like most places.

I vaguely remembered L4P did sell the CULPM1.TG at one point but it was a very low flux bin so it did not perform much better than the CSLPM1.TG. The one Simon is selling is a pretty high bin so hopefully it will beat the CSLPM1.TG by a good bit.

I can not remember that, but you may refer to my story that I had a CULPM1.TG from Hank (intl-outdoor) for testing that did not perform overwhelmingly.

Btw, I ordered a few from Simon now, hopefully I will do a test when it arrives.

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The last CSLPM1.TGs available at led4power were 6P flux bin, which theoretically are at least 10% brighter than 5P. But guess this doesn't matters now.

At least 4040 boards are available at Kaidomain, for example. Gaskets, though…

djozz doing a few more tests. Thanks, I know it is no small task (and probably most of it quite tedious)

The sketchy ali vendor HX actually has 5500-5600K color temp under a TIR. The lowest of any of these osram LEDs I have seen (actually measured, I don’t count kaidomain “specs”). Not to say it’s some amazing tint just an observation

I had CULNM1.TG which is 4040 1mm2 version, I did not have CULPM1.TG for sale.

So what are drivers that should work with the CULPM1.TG ?
Will it work on the convoy drivers like the C8+ 12groups driver or the M21A 4 Modes driver that runs the sst40 ?

You pretty much want any regulated driver. I think the SST-40 drivers tend to top out at 5-ish amps though? Have yet to see for sure, but you can probably push more with CULPM1.TG. The 5A is pretty perfect for CULNM1.TG though, pity it’s discontinued.

the C U should be able to run on higher currents, i have got a LED4Power C S LNM1.TG happily running on 5A

I managed to “perfect” (in the possible way) the beam in my Eagle Eye X3R with an Osram W1.
(Previous posts on it: 1 & 2 )

I took the gasket out (to lower the reflector near to the PCB and led, and to erase the ringy around the hotspot), and applied some electrical tape and GITD tape over the pcb (for insulation and GITD effect).

Not pretty, but better than it was before.

I managed to get that small clear light circle in the hotspot, that was not happening before :partying_face:

Besides this I also put an Osram W2 on the On The Road Z821 zoomable flashlight! The beam is awkward, but I am waiting for the night to test it outside and check how it behaves :wink:

The mod is here: “REVIEW”: On The Road Z821 - Zoomable – 1x18650 – 940 lumens [Pic Heavy]

I was thinking of running the CSLNM1.TG using the convoy sst40 driver in an S2+, but Djozz’s test showed that it peaked at 4.5-5A and I’m worried about frying it with prolonged 100%

How does yours behave at 5A?

hello, best driver for osram 1mm red (CSLNM1.23) around 1.5-2A using single 18650? continuous use on C8+.

5 or 6*7135

thanks, but what do you think about the heat with the low Vf?

I’d use a buck driver.