They convert perfectly back and forth. Neither measurement tells you any more or less than the other. Just take 2/3 or 1/2 the FL1 throw based on how much intensity you want at a given range and there’s your real-world throw.

In fact candela ratings can be deceiving since it requires exponentially more to increase throw, whereas doubling FL1 throw from 100m to 200m will have the visual and practical difference you would expect.

I saw on the first comment they’re discontinuing the CULNM due to lack of sales. Does anyone even sell a light with the CULNM LED? Sadly my hands shake too much to do any sort of soldering or I would attempt it myself.

Well I hear you both. I sort of lean to luminarium iaculator's perspective, as I also prefer a luminous intensity rating because effective throw depends on the ambient light intensity, and also on our expected over the target light intensity.

However I also understand throw is directly proportional to the square root of luminous intensity, which means there is no direct linear relationship between intensity (candela) and throw (meters).

I do not think that is deceiving, as I understand it. The same applies for anyone knowledgeable in the matter with a minimum of expertise and/or mental agility. This is key.

I could also seriously mess with the way luminous intensity is defined, but overall I guess the actual problems and reasons are often rooted in common people's stupidity and caused by smart people pledging to their uneducated wishes.

BTW, has anyone tested Boost HX already? How does the performance scale compared to CSLPM1.TG?

I’m anxiously waiting for this, too. At the rate these are becoming available in good bins, budget LEP will be here

Simon Mao will put one in a L21A with an 8 A driver soon and share the results!
Eager to know the results, if they are any good i will certainly buy some parts

Simon listed 2 new 4040 DTP copper MCPCBs for osram KW CULPM1.TG, 16mm and 20mm.

16mm: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001416992562.html

20mm: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001417023203.html

Simon tested the CULPM1.TG on L21A got this result, it looks impressive

That size reflector should see close to 450kcd max with this emitter according to my estimates… we’ll see what others get. I don’t think the 8A driver actually pushes 8A. If course without an output test done on these yet it’s hard to say how much is here on the table just with drive current. Also, I’m not sure how much time if any he put into optimizing focus. Does anyone else have experience with the 4040 gaskets? Are they as thick as the 3030s?

Simon Listed Convoy M21A with KW CSLPM1.TG 6A driver

4 & 12 modes // Black & Desert Tan body


Nice, waiting for the CULPM1 version

What’s the difference between CSLPM1 and CULPM1? Both are 2mm size emitters right?

I wonder if the current batch of M21A now accepts the slightly wider 21700 batteries (eg. Lii-40A and others). The earlier M21A won’t fit the Lii-40A (or Lishen 21700)

Footprint. CSLPM1 is 3030, whereas CULPM1 is 4040.

from the convoy thread
so, the difference is 3030 footprint for cslpm1 vs 4040 footprint for culpm1

Exactly. The idea is that the larger footprint allows higher currents due to better heatsinking.
Osram’s datasheet says 6A, but since when did we use to stick with specs from datasheets?
We run cree LED’S on currents not even mentioned by Cree :wink:

All else being equal, I think the effective difference will be rather small.

I’m curious what the difference will be, since the surface area is 77,77% larger. (16mm instead of 9)
That means it can be abused a bit more (run higher currents) or sustain longer (better thermal dissipation/better performance)

When I say that the effective difference will be rather small, I am speaking about lumens or radiant flux, of course.

The 4040 footprint will handle higher current, but that extra (Vf × I) power will only partially turn into extra lumens or flux.

We'll see.

I wonder if the rather small amount of more efficiency on CULNM1.TG / CULPM1.TG will be advantageous if used in a multiemitter array, e.g. underneath a quad optic. I hope to seeing some flashlights using CULNM1.TG underneath a Carclo 10621 optic anytime soon. Maybe Hank (KR4/D4v2) or Sofirn (IF25A) can offer something like this. Acebeam is using CSLNM1.TG (White Flat 1) in their TK16/TK18 lights.

Like this?

LEDs: Osram White Flat 2.1 4040 Boost HX
Driver: MTN-17DDm (w/ Bistro firmware)
Optics: Ledil Angie
Lens: UCLp AR lens

~4470lm @ 3s
5500K CCT

Yes, very nice work. :+1:
Actually, I hope it can also be done with a 10mm lens as LEDiL ANGIE-S is a bit larger.